October 17, 2019
Blond Bombshell Abby Dowse Sets Instagram On Fire With Outrageously High-Cut Swimsuit

Abby Dowse knows how to get the attention of her fans. This summer she has thrilled them with a range of Instagram posts that showcase her incredible body in some amazing outfits. On Thursday, the blond beauty sent her followers into overdrive when she shared an image of herself looking like a snack in a pink swimsuit.

In the post, Abby was sitting poolside on a bright sunny day. The model sat on one side of her hips with her knees slightly bent. She leaned on one arm with her other arm crossing over her lap -- a pose that squeezed her chest ever so slightly and drew attention to her breasts. She wore a skintight, hot pink swimsuit with an outrageously high-cut leg that went all the way to her waist. The suit showed off her long, lean legs as well as her nice, round hips and thin waist. The titillating number clung to her body, highlighting every inch of her voluptuous bosom.

Abby wore her hair in a messy, half updo. Loose curls hung down around her fully made up face. Sunlight hit her golden strands, showing of streaks of blond highlights. She wore a dainty pendant necklace around her neck for a touch of bling. Her bronze skin glowed in the sun as she gave the camera a serious pout.

Abby said in the post's caption that she was a "little lioness," and her fans agreed that she looked fierce in the photo.

"That look more fierce than a lion," one admirer pointed out.

Even more than looking fierce in the pose, Abby also looked incredibly sexy -- something her fans were quick to point out.

"Looking like a mighty fine snack," one follower wrote.

"Breathtaking woman," said another.

One admirer wrote that he loved it when he visited Abby's page, where he could "forget everything & just be happy."

The social media sensation certainly knows how to make her 1.4 million followers smile. One look through her Instagram page shows that she often pushes the limits when it comes to what the photo-sharing platform will allow. As The Inquisitr previously reported earlier in the week, Abby rocked a set of pink lingerie that left little to the imagination. One thing is certain -- she always looks fabulous. In fact, the stunner sometimes looks downright scandalous in the snaps she shares.

Fans wanting to see more of Abby can follow her Instagram account.