Joe Biden

Here Are 5 of President Joe Biden’s Consistent Lies About His Family’s Business

When it comes to his family's business transactions, Joe Biden has been accused of lying on multiple occasions.

Donald Trump

Trump’s ‘Big Lie Two’ Is Here and Poses Much More Danger Than ‘Big Lie One’, Say Political Analysts

Robert Reich, a former US secretary of labor, opined that the second big lie should be viewed with great caution by the US Judiciary itself. 

Donald Trump

Here Are the Three Letters Trump and His Campaign Fear the Most in the Presidential Elections 2024

A recent poll has members of Trump's campaign wary of a new candidate. The campaign is gearing up to launch an offensive against this candidate.

Donald Trump

When Donald Trump ‘Shushed’ a Journalist for Interrupting Him During a Press Conference

Donald Trump urged CBS Reporter Weijia Jiang to 'Keep her Voice Down' while he was still speaking and abruptly ended the conversation.

Donald Trump

Here’s Why Tiffany Trump Is Donald Trump’s ‘Wild-Card’ Daughter

Tiffany Trump is a socialite from New York who’s constantly involved in the world of fashion and music. She even holds a position in Trump’s company.

Donald Trump

When Donald Trump Was Given Only 7 Days to Submit List of Firms Set To Lose NY Business Licenses

The judge asserted that Donald Trump's real estate business would be significantly curtailed as a result of losing business certificates in the state.

Ron DeSantis

When an Angry Ron DeSantis Asked a Journalist 'Are You Blind' on Camera

The Florida governor became agitated when a reporter asked him why he wasn't taking questions from New Hampshire voters.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Once Dismissed a Florida Warning for Black and LGBTQ+ Visitors as a ‘Stunt'

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida jointly released the alert, which emphasizes the dangers of visiting or residing in Florida.

When the White House Deleted Biden’s Post That Confused and Wrongly Thanked the Vietnamese President

This error in addressing the Vietnamese official prompted the removal of the post to ensure accuracy and uphold diplomatic etiquette.

Donald Trump

Here’s How Tiffany Trump Is on Her Way to Become Donald Trump’s New ‘First Daughter'

Now when, Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka is clinging to the outer edges of the political picture, Tiffany is trying to be the supportive daughter.

Kamala Harris

When First Lady Jill Biden Was Slammed for Accidentally Kissing Kamala Harris’ Husband Doug Emhoff

The viral video of the mishappening quickly made shockwaves on social media with critics grabbing the opportunity to judge both.

Donald Trump

Here's What Judge Arthur Engoron Said About Ivanka’s Testimony Against Trump in Civil Fraud Case Trial

“She is 100% someone who can come and testify,” said State Attorney Kevin Wallace about Ivanka Trump's eligibility to testify against Donald Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg|The View|Donald Trump

Whoopi Goldberg Once Condemned People for Discussing Hillary's Email Scandal After Trump's Indictment

"Not one of them, has said ‘no’ to any of the inquiries'," said Whoopi in an episode of 'The View.'

Donald Trump|Ron DeSantis

5 Negative Remarks Donald Trump Made About Ron Desantis Before Being Endorsed by Him

From the Meatball Ron nickname to targeting Casey DeSantis, here are the five harshest comments by Donald Trump aimed at Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump

10 Most Expensive Designer Ensembles Worn By The First Ladies of US

Take a trip down memory lane at some of the iconic and expensive dresses donned by Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, and Jill Biden.

Donald Trump

Here Are the 8 Most Bizarre Moments from Donald Trump's Presidency That Have Been Long Forgotten

In January 2019, Donald Trump hosted college football champions Clemson Tigers at the White House for a fast-food feast like burgers and pizzas.

Joe Rogan Embraces UFC Crowd's 'F*ck Trudeau!' Chant, Urges Canada to Get Their 'Sh*t Together!'

Joe Rogan stated, "I was reading about what they’re doing, and it’s terrifying. So, they want to bring in this bill whereby they regulate podcasts." 

Here's Looking at 5 'Shady' Things Michelle Obama Has Done

Michelle Obama is a strong proponent of being the better person in difficult circumstances however, this does not imply she cannot act shadily.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Ordered to Pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million for Defamation

“There is a way to stand up to someone like Donald Trump, who cares more about wealth, fame, and power than respecting the law.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Makes Dramatic Exit from Courtroom During Closing Arguments of Defamation Trial

Roberta Kaplan urged the jury to award $24 million in compensatory damages, highlighting the gravity of Donald Trump's alleged actions.