Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious Take on Courtroom Gas Gossip

Not only are the allegations in his New York criminal trial grabbing attention, but there are some fairly strange stories going around.

The View

Repeat Episodes of 'The View' Aired While Hosts Take Off on Vacay, Leaving Viewers Really Infuriated

A taped edition of the daytime discussion program, The View aired on Friday, followed by a repeat on Monday.

The View

'The View' Surprised Audience with a 30-minute Off-Camera Chat with All-Women Panelists

An insider shared, "The audience was shocked at how invested the hosts were in helping people and how much time they dedicated to giving advice."

Donald Trump

When Donald Trump’s Son Barron Trump Was the Target of Cyberbullying

Here's looking at one time when Donald Trump and Melania Trump's son, Barron Trump faced cyberbullying.


Why Rihanna's Fans Think She's Never Going to Release a New Album: 'Teasing Everything Except Music'

A disappointed Rihanna fan even went as far as to say, "Boycott Fenty so she runs out of money and comes out with an album instead."

Teen Mom

‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Wrote Moving Apology to 13-Yo Son Just Weeks After Giving Birth to Twins

Amid worries about her growing family, Kailyn Lowry let her heart pour out in a poignant letter dedicated to her first born.

Gwen Stefani

When Guest Mentor Wynonna Judd Took a Savage Jibe at Gwen Stefani on 'The Voice'

The renowned country music star Judd joined the show as a guest mentor and shared her candid thoughts about Gwen Stefani during the competition.

Taylor Swift

Here's Looking at How Billionaire Taylor Swift Spends Her Money

Swift, unlike other celebrities, did not have any side jobs that boosted her net worth; her billionaire status is due to her music career only.

Donald Trump

The 6 Most Embarrassing and Cringe-Worthy TV Moments of Donald Trump: A Throwback

Throughout his political career, Donald Trump has consistently shown a strong affection for TV cameras, so let's look at his most infamous TV gigs.

Donald Trump

Melania Trump’s Former Aide Alleges That Her Body Language Around Donald Displays Obvious Discomfort

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff analyzed a video clip of the event and noted that Melania Trump seemed uncomfortable standing next to the former President.

Dua Lipa|Gwen Stefani|Blake Shelton

Here's How Gwen Stefani Reacted When Dua Lipa Once Called Blake Shelton Her Husband

Gwen Stefani quarantined with then-boyfriend Blake Shelton and her three sons at his Oklahoma residence in 2020.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Finally Reveals the Only Reason He Would Consider Returning to 'The Voice'

Shelton, who left 'The Voice' as a coach in 2023 after being part of the show from its debut season, expressed he didn't regret his decision to leave.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Owns These 6 Lavish $2 Million Worth of Cars Which He Cannot Drive

From luxury automobiles to iconic classics, Trump's automotive obsession provides a unique insight into the man behind the headlines.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Once Told Her Dad to 'Get Out' While in the Middle of a Photoshoot

“Probably nobody else except David Bowie, I would say, was so creatively in charge,” said Markus Klinko, the photographer Spears was working with.

Brad Pitt|Angelina Jolie|Selena Gomez

When Brad Pitt And Selena Gomez's Flirting Made Angelina Jolie Lose Her Calm

“She [Selena Gomez] was bragging to everyone that Brad is gung ho to make another movie with her,” a source said.

Priscilla Presley Felt Michael Jackson Married Lisa Marie Only Out of 'Intrigue' for Elvis Presley

Priscilla said, "I always felt that [MJ] loved Elvis... so I always felt that having the name, associated with the name with his daughter, I was concerned."

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift Revealed She Got Into ‘Two’ Accidents on the Same Day With a Journalist

“I think he screamed out something like, “I have a new baby at home!” said Taylor Swift.

Hugh Grant Resolves Privacy Case Involving Rupert Murdoch’s Publication for ‘Enormous Sum’

According to Hugh Grant's attorney the journalists from the publisher had unlawfully accessed his private information.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Was Reportedly ‘Unable’ to Get Over His Love for His ‘FRIENDS’ Co-Star Courteney Cox

Over the years, their on-screen love had a profound impact on their real-life friendship, but there may be more to their dynamic than meets the eye.

Kesha Took Center Stage at Coachella, Slamming Sean "Diddy" Combs With a Specific Lyric Change

It was in one hot sunny afternoon on a Sunday during Renee Rapp’s performance that darling Kesha at 37 shocked the crowd with her presence