T.J. Holmes is Frustrated Over Amy Robach’s Solo Travels: ‘I Just Don’t Like Being Apart’

Holmes confessed, "I always get an anxiety, I get fear that [if]..I’m not there with you, frankly, to protect you, to help you if anything goes on.”

Jennifer Aniston|Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Aniston Once Revealed She 'Got a Divorce and Went into Therapy' When ‘Friends’ Ended

Aniston found filming the last episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in 2022 "bizarrely sad" and opened up about dealing with 'burning the bridges'.

Conan O’Brien Opens Up About the 'Worst' Thing Talk Show Guests Can Say: "That’s Not Show Business"

Conan's appearance on 'Hot Ones' was followed by his first appearance on 'The Tonight Show' since his dismissal in 2010.

The View

Ex-Host of ‘The View’ Michelle Collins Opens Up About Challenges on the Show: "I Find It Ugly"

Collins revealed, "I have bitten my tongue about a lot of the things that went on there, I think partially due to light PTSD..."

Taylor Swift|Travis Kelce

When Jason Kelce Said Travis Kelce Would ‘Kill Him’ if He Admitted He Wants Taylor Swift On His Podcast

Since being entangled with the 'You Are In Love singer', Jason Kelce’s little brother has been in the limelight a lot. 

Joe Rogan Once Said 'There’s Not a Chance' that 'Cringey' Late Night Talk Shows Are Actually Funny

“They don’t have the chops; what they’re doing is just reading off a teleprompter,” said Joe Rogan on an episode of his extremely popular podcast.

Whoopi Goldberg|The View

‘The View’ Gets off to a Fiery Start as Co-Hosts Had To Evacuate After Fire Breaks Out Next Door

“This morning we had to evacuate the studio because there was a fire that we did not start,” Whoopi Goldberg joked.


Zendaya Found the Intimacy Coordinator on the Set of ‘Challengers’ to Be 'Very Helpful'

“We had an intimacy coordinator which was fantastic and very helpful,” Zendaya said recently in an interview

The View|Sunny Hostin

'The View' Co-Hosts Dispute Sunny Hostin's Assertion That Climate Change Caused Solar Eclipse

The co-hosts of the program promptly intervened to denounce Sunny Hostin's embarrassing claims related to climate change.

The View

Amber Tamblyn Jokes About Giving Dad Russ Tamblyn 'An Edible' Before 'The View' Appearance

In support of Russ's new memoir, the father-daughter duo made an appearance on the popular daytime show.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner's Real Skin Texture And Wrinkles Revealed in Unedited Pics: Inspire Others to Embrace Their Imperfections

Kris Jenner confidently stepped out onto the streets of Paris, sporting a gray blazer, black trousers and a silver bag.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard 'Quietly Quits' Hollywood and Moves to Spain With Her Two-Year-Old Daughter

A friend of the 'Aquaman' actress has revealed that Heard knows Spanish and is happy to "raise her daughter away from all the noise."

Scott Disick

Scott Disick Slammed for Stating He Will Continue to Date Younger Women Despite Promising His Daughter

Disick had dated considerably younger women in the past, such as Christine Burke and Bella Thorne.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Claims That a Nurse Told Her About the #FreeBritney Campaign at the Rehabilitation Center

The #FreeBritney campaign, started by concerned fans, rallied people to her cause and shed light on the harsh treatment Britney Spears had been subjected to.

Taylor Swift

Here’s What Taylor Swift Bought With Her First Paycheck, and What It Meant for Her

Her decision was not just about acquiring the asset but about making a rebellious statement against certain people.

Jennifer Aniston|Brad Pitt

When Brad Pitt Gave His Ex-wife Jennifer Aniston a $79 Million Home for Her 50th Birthday

Brad Pitt purchased the former marital home the couple shared during their marriage with the intention of gifting it to Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence Confronted Anderson Cooper After He Claimed Her Oscars Fall Was a Hoax

"I can look back at it now fondly but for a very long time the fall thing was very sensitive," said Jennifer Lawrence.

The View|Sunny Hostin

Viewers Slam ‘The View’ Ladies for ‘Ganging Up’ on Journalist Coleman Hughes During Interview

On The View on Wednesday, co-anchor Sunny Hostin accused author and podcast host Coleman Hughes of being a tool in the hands of the right.

Taylor Swift|Beyoncé

Taylor Swift’s Fans Believe She is Featured on Beyoncé’s 'Cowboy Carter' Album Due to This 'Clue'

"There’s speculation that Taylor Swift is on Cowboy Carter and I can HEAR IT in the song like it is definitely her,” one fan speculated.

Tom Sandoval

When Tom Sandoval Made His Assistant Cry as She Sought to Work With Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval soon became suspicious and overheard Ann discussing the possibility of joining Ariana Madix's team.