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Chris Christie Says Trump Was 'Scared To Death' After Becoming President Because He 'Knows He’s Not Good'

On 'The View' Chris Christie revealed, “When he (Donald Trump) became president in 2017, he was scared to death of the presidency. Scared.”

Donald Trump

Trump Owes $8.75K More Every Day He Doesn’t Pay $355M Fine in NY Civil Fraud Case

"If he ends up losing on appeal, Trump will have to pay both the pre-judgment and the post-judgment interest."

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Donald Trump's Lawyer Says 'They Have Picked The Wrong Guy' After New York Civil Fraud Verdict

Habba said, "Unfortunately, they picked the wrong guy to pick on in my opinion, because he’s strong, he’s resilient, and he happens to have a lot of cash."

Donald Trump|Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Slams Donald Trump for Being ‘Weak in the Knees’ While Dealing with Vladimir Putin

“I mean it’s amazing to me how weak in the knees he [Trump] is when it comes to Putin,” Haley said.

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Donald Trump Jr. And Lauren Boebert Recieve Backlash for Peddling 'Deep State' Conspiracy

"Does anyone believe that there is a serious Russian threat," Trump Jr. tweeted after the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee proposed it.

Ronald Reagan's Daughter Believes Her Father Would Be ‘Appalled’ By Today's Politics

“I think he would be really scared for our democracy,” Patti Davis said while talking about her dad, Ronald Reagan

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Pastor Exposes the 'Love Affair' Between Donald Trump and American Evangelicals

Nathaniel Manderson asserted, "Rejecting Trump and what he stands for is nowhere near the end of the fight to save the Christian faith in America."

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Donald Trump Launched Fierce All-Caps Rant Targeting 'Slimeball' Adam Schiff, Dubbed 'Pencil Neck'

Schiff stated, “Oh, Putin must be absolutely thrilled. If you look at it from Putin’s perspective, the war isn’t going well in Ukraine for Russia."

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Eric Trump Slams $355 Million Judgment: “My father Built the Skyline of New York City”

“You could not have a more professional real estate company than ours,” Eric Trump said

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This is the Staggering Amount Raised by a GoFundMe Campaign for Donald Trump After NY Fraud Ruling

The largest contribution clocked in at $10,000, with the majority falling within the range of $20 to $100.

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Michael Cohen Thinks Trump Will Have to Sell Assets After Fraud Verdict: 'Doesn’t Have $400M Cash'

Cohen revealed, "Unless he’s going to show you that his bank account has more than a half a million, he doesn’t have 400 million of cash on hand."

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Truckers Supporting Trump Plan to Boycott Deliveries to New York City Following $355M Fraud Verdict

One trucker exclaimed, “I don’t know how far across the country this is or how many truckers are going to start denying loads going to New York City."

Jimmy Kimmel

Former Rep. George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel Over Cameo Video Prank

“Comedy is wonderful until you violate someone’s rights, then you get sued,” said George Santos' lawyer.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Mentions New 'N-Word,' Compares Himself to Al Capone at Rally Amid Legal Troubles

“[I] got indicted more than Alphonse Capone, Scarface,” Donald Trump recently said at a rally in Michigan.

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Donald Trump Introduces a $399 Sneaker Line After His $355 Million Legal Loss

Donald Trump received a mix of loud boos and cheers at the Philadelphia Convention Center during the sneaker line launch.

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Trump's Lawyer Alina Habba Promises Revenge Against Letitia James Following the Recent Fraud Verdict

“Letitia James is not going to get away with it,” Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba recently said after the fraud verdict.

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Former President Donald Trump is Quietly Selling Properties Under the Shadow of Legal Setbacks

Suzanne Craig stated, "we know he has been selling assets that raised cash. Now he's selling sneakers, he may have a little more cash than he did."

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Social Media Users Have a Field Day Renaming Donald Trump's New Golden Sneakers With These Names

A tweet said, "Golden diapers would have been more on brand." While another user commented "Sedition Shoes for your Fascist Feet."

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Trump Lashes Out at AI Photos That Make Him 'Look Fat' Immediately After NY Fraud Ruling

Trump claimed that false photos of him on the golf course with a huge stomach were produced by media outlets using artificial intelligence.

Donald Trump|Joe Biden

Trump Criticizes Biden’s Presidency, Says His Leadership Has Brought 'Misery, Destruction, and Death'

“America is no longer respected because we have an incompetent president,” Donald Trump said about Joe Biden