Carrington Durham Rocks Pink Lingerie And Pearls In A Car & References Olivia Rodrigo's Hit Song

Carrington Durham hopped in the driver's seat to show off a hot pink lingerie set for her latest Instagram share.

The model's unusual choice of location to rock her bra and panties seemed to make her think of a chart-topping tune that mentions getting behind the wheel. In her caption, she referenced pop star Olivia Rodrigo's smash hit about heartbreak colliding with a major teenage milestone, "Driver's License."

However, Carrington, 22, wasn't making use of her own license to drive, if she has one. Instead, she sat in a luxury vehicle that wasn't in motion. Her seat had black leather upholstery, and the car had a sunroof that provided some additional natural lighting. Her door was open, and she was sitting sideways to face the camera with her right arm casually draped over the steering wheel. Her left foot was up in the seat and tucked underneath her right thigh.

Carrington was clad in a hot pink lace bra with supportive underwire and molded cups that prevented the piece from being sheer. The undergarment had scallop trim around its bottom edges and plunging neckline. Its overall design enhanced the shape of the YouTuber's ample assets while showing off a glimpse of cleavage.

She wore a matching pair of panties that boasted a combination of sheer mesh and floral lace like that on her bra. Her underwear's waistline hit right below the navel, while the sides were cut high on the legs to expose a lot of skin below the hips. However, she kept her legs covered up with a pair of pale heather gray sweatpants. The warm bottoms featured a snug fit with cuffed ankles, while piping on the legs elevated the athleticwear. Carrington had the elastic waistband pulled down low on her curvy hips to show off her panties.

She glammed up her unique ensemble with a pearl choker and three layered gold necklaces. One chain included a medallion pendant, and the longest of the trio was nestled in her cleavage.

The model wore her long, blond hair styled in beachy waves that were swept over to her right. Hints of pink dye almost looked coordinated with her lingerie. She appeared fresh-faced and relaxed as she gazed directly at the camera with her lips slightly upturned at the corners.

Carrington revealed that her lingerie set was from Fashiona Nova, and she wrote that she is "obsessed" with it. Her undies helped her earn over 78,000 likes and scores of compliments from her faithful followers.

"You're a freaking babe," read one comment.

"Tell me how to be this pretty," another admirer wrote.

"The cutest human on this planet," gushed a third fan.