Yanet Garcia Is Soaking Wet In Hot Photo For ‘Maxim Mexico’

Yanet Garcia poses for a photo on the red carpet.
Charley Galley / Getty Images

The “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia shared a steamy photo to her Instagram timeline Saturday evening that has her 13.4 million followers buzzing. The update from the Mexican native came from a photoshoot she did with the country’s Maxim Magazine. Yanet reposted the image from Maxim Mexico’s own Instagram feed, where the account posted a throwback from her 2018 cover shoot with the publication. The magazine hashtagged “#beautiful” in the caption and said the weekend was the perfect time to remember her hot pics from two years ago.

The single photo captured Yanet’s impressive figure as it was a profile shot that revealed almost her entire body. The weather girl was pulling herself up out of a pool, which left her soaking wet with her long brown hair perfectly slicked back. Her arms were straight as she held herself up in a perfect pose half-in/half-out of the water.

She sported a red and white striped one-piece bathing suit that flashed plenty of sideboob and featured a cheeky cut over her famous rump. The swimsuit also had a strappy feature across the back that was slightly covered by her long locks.

She looked away from the camera, giving a perfect profile of her face as water ran down her shoulders and thighs. Her nails featured a clean french manicure that was highlighted by two silver rings on her left hand. She perched on a stone deck that surrounded the pool. Palm trees and clear blue skies made up the background.

The repost from Yanet had over 150,000 likes in under two hours, while the same post on Maxim Mexico’s feed brought in 1,300 likes of its own. Uploads from the 29-year-old generally bring in around 300,000 likes, so the new pic is sure to catch up to her others very soon.

As usual with a post from Yanet, fans fawned over her in the comments section. It was filled with fire, heart-eye, and “100” emoji. Those followers who opted for more detailed messages called her “gorgeous,” “beautiful” and “absolute perfection.” The comments varied in language, as she is one of the more popular international Instagram models out there.

Many of Yanet’s fans hadn’t seen the pic before, despite it being over two years old. The fitness guru has gained several million followers in the last several years. Maxim Mexico revealed all the other hot looks from Yanet’s cover shoot in July 2018 on their website, most of which focused on her derriere.