Juliette Porter Shares Surprising Pic From First-Ever 'Siesta Key' Reunion: 'Choose Your Fighter'

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter shared a photo from the MTV reality show's first-ever first reunion, and no one in the snap looked very happy to be there.

In a new pic shared to her Instagram page, there wasn't a smile in the house as Siesta Key's four leading ladies from were shown via split-screen during the update special hosted by Jeannie Mai.

Juliette and pals Kelsey Owens, Madisson Hausburg, and Chloe Trautman were glammed up with full hair and gorgeous dresses for the TV reunion. In the caption, Juliette joked that fans should choose their "fighter." She also teased that a lot went down during taping and that some big news will be revealed when it airs.

In the comments section, Juliette's co-stars reacted to her surprising photo choice.

"Thanks Julz," wrote Chloe.

"Haha it's like someone told us to do our best resting b*tch face," added Kelsey.

Fans of agreed that the Siesta Key stars did not look at all thrilled in the photo.

"Why y'all mean mugging?" one fan asked.

"RBF contest finalists," another chimed in.

In addition to Juliette and her girls, the rest of the Siesta Key cast, including Brandon Gomes, Garrett Miller, Amanda Miller, and JJ Mizell, gathered together virtually for the reunion.

Based on that sneak peek, it does appear that some not-so-thrilling Siesta Key scenes were addressed, which isn't surprising considering all of the drama that went down this season.

In another preview posted on the show's official Instagram page, seen here, Chloe at least smirked as her "hush bag" scandal was rehashed. She admitted that if she had taken a designer bag from her former friend Alex Kompothecras -- who was fired from the reality show just ahead of the Season 3B premiere in June -- every time he asked her to keep a secret, she'd have quite a collection.

In another clip posted by People, Chloe also said her fired co-star was to blame for most of the drama last season following his Nashville hookup with ex Juliette while he was dating Alyssa Salerno.

"We're all sitting here talking about what we should have done differently, how about it's what Alex should have done differently," she said. "It's the fact that Alex wasn't a man and didn't stand up and do the right thing."

Juliette added that her ex, who welcomed a baby with Alyssa in June, is a "coward."