Vanessa Hudgens Mocks Runway Models In Cupped Top Via A Sexy Sway: 'When Thirsty Thursday Goes Wrong'

Once again, Vanessa Hudgens hit up thirsty Thursday with an amusing Instagram update. The fun post took the form of a video in which the raven-haired beauty walked an invisible runway inside what looked like a room with an industrial feel.

The High School Musical star allowed her long locks to hang loose as she sauntered across the large space while wearing a sleeveless top featuring a cupped chest area and a mock turtleneck. She paired the nude-colored garment with well-worn blue jeans graced with holes and cut low enough to allow some of Vanessa's skin to be revealed just below waist level.

When she glided along her mysterious catwalk that began near a couple of racks of clothing, the 31-year-old stunner brushed her arms across her chest before quickly fussing with her hair. During her walk, Vanessa intermittently uttered "eh" and "oh" in a loud voice. Then, when she hit the end of her walk, the diminutive celebrity leaned her tiny body against a huge metal door as she threw her long locks to one side.

At that point, she began to shimmy in a sexy way as she slithered up and down, keeping her back up against the door. At that, the door clicked shut, causing laughter from Vanessa and the people filming her strut.

By the time the short video finished, all those people involved were in hysterics.

Among Vanessa's 38.3 million Instagram followers, more than 440,000 people clicked "like" on this week's thirsty Thursday video post, while nearly 2,500 commenters wrote about the actress's latest social media update.

Some individuals used emoji — such as the symbols for rosebuds, heart-eye faces, clapping hands, red hearts, heart-eye cat faces, and crying-laughing faces — to show how each was feeling about the star's Thursday post.

Other followers used their words.

"You trippin Thursday," stated one follower.

"The laugh at the end lolol," said a second fan.

"IDK looks like it's going right to me," mentioned a third Instagram user who was talking about Vanessa's day.

"What? I haven't heard of this thirsty Thursday. Should I go to a bar tonight? I need answers!!" exclaimed a fourth admirer.

As her fans know, Vanessa enjoys providing thirsty Thursday social media updates. Late last month, the star rocked a see-through bodysuit and almost nothing else except black stilettos in an Instagram post that made that Thursday particularly thirsty, as The Inquisitr reported.

Vanessa captioned the post, writing, "Turn it on baby."