Angela Simmons Snacks On Cheetos With Legs Spread Open On Instagram

Patricia Grannum

Angela Simmons has posted yet another eye-grabbing photo to her Instagram page, but this one might be her most outrageous yet.

In the snap, the Growing Up Hip Hop star is sitting on a couch with her legs spread open, a large and open bag of Cheetos between them. Angela appears to be nude except for a bright orange hooded jacket and a pair of gold heels. She's also nonchalantly looking at her camera, giving the impression that this display is part of her regular night-time routine.

The photo currently has over 160,000 likes on Instagram, as well as more than 3,000 comments.

Angela's fans jumped into the comments section to share their appreciation for the photo, and a couple of them used the word "meal" to compliment her.

"F**k the snack, I want the meal," one fan wrote.

"Whole meal," another commenter added.

Others made quips inspired by the bag of Cheetos.

"Chester the Cheetah is one lucky cat," one person joked.

"She Cheat, I Cheat. We #Cheetos," another wrote.

Angela followed up the post with some more photos of herself in the orange ensemble, being joined by her cheesy snack. In her most recent post, she's standing in a kitchen while striking a provocative pose that shows off her legs.

"After hours be like....... lol," she wrote, before revealing that her shoes are from Fashion Nova. It looks like she's wearing a pair of their "Don't Sleep On It" heels, which retail for $34.99 on their website.

On her birthday, she shared a photo of herself in a black lacy teddy and a sheer pink robe with matching fur trim. In some of the other photos posted on that day, she's seen wearing the same outfit. However, in most of these, she is also surrounded by some of her friends, who are dressed in pink satin robes.