Bombshell Sierra Skye Lowers Hot Pink Bikini Strap, Says 'Can't Stop'

Sierra Skye's fans would likely agree – her Instagram following of 4 million comes well-earned. The blonde bikini lover has once again gone to the platform for an update, and it's showing this sensation at her best.

On May 29, Sierra updated her account. Her sultry shot is sun-drenched, colorful, and definitely showing her love of all things swimwear. The snap shows Skye leaning against some terracotta-colored tiles. She hasn't been photographed poolside, but plenty of grass and greenery behind her confirm the outdoor setting.

Today's outfit doesn't come fussy. Sierra has chosen a hot pink bikini with little in the way of fancy flourishes. The two-piece's upper half comes with simple-formed cups and a slight indent at the chest, but the photo has a little something extra. Although the bikini's right strap is visibly around the model's shoulder, the left one has been lowered. Sierra is mostly covering the strap with her right hand, but she does appear to have pulled it down. While the bikini top is cleavage-flashing, the high-strung briefs are flashing the model's sensational tan, curvy hips, and toned thighs.

Sierra is looking sideways. What she's looking at isn't clear, but there's a powerful look in her eyes. Her picture comes with a likewise powerful caption – Sierra has said that she isn't able to "stop."

The caption then gives a nod to affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova. In a way, the caption's brevity seems to be half the fun. Whether Skye is referring to her Fashion Nova bikini, swimwear in general, or an overall mentality hasn't been clarified. Regardless, fans have been responding.

"WONT [sic] STOP," one fan wrote.

Another responded with emojis showing chili peppers and a bikini brief – they may have been making a reference to the popular song "Can't Stop" by the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Elsewhere, Sierra was called "so fricken cute" and another commented, "body goals."

The latter comment seems particularly applicable to this bombshell. With her fit physique and womanly curves, Skye appears the embodiment of health. Updates on Sierra's Instagram tend not to show her in gym settings, but something about this girl's ultra-toned body suggests that she is very active.

As bikini-centric as Sierra's feed may be, it isn't exclusive to showcasing swimwear. This sensation rocks feminine evening looks of leopard-print or strappy dresses, alongside more casual daytime looks. By and large, though, followers of this account can expect a two-piece on a regular basis.

Sierra and her hot pink bikini racked up over 41,000 likes within two hours of the picture being posted. Fans wishing to stay updated on Sierra should follow her on Instagram.