Queen Elizabeth II Enjoys Being Put In Her Place By A ‘Bossy’ Prince Philip, Claims Royal Expert

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The secret to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s successful marriage is the duke’s no-nonsense attitude toward his wife, claims a royal expert.

It takes a firm hand and fearless heart to stand up to and to rein in a monarch who since day one has been told they were born to rule.

And when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II, it’s Prince Philip who keeps her in check by talking to her like an equal and not like a sovereign, even if it means using some choice language on occasion.

The Daily Express reports that during Prince Philip and the queen’s stint in Malta between 1949 and 1951, the Duke of Edinburgh could often be heard yelling blue murder at his wife and swearing like a trooper.

Maltese journalist John Mizzi claimed, “He seemed to boss her around most of the time. I shouldn’t say this perhaps, I heard him swearing at her.”

Now if it was anyone else but Prince Philip swearing at the monarch, it would probably be a hanging offense, but the duke has never been a man to mince his words, and it’s one of the reasons the queen loves him, according to writer and broadcaster Hugo Vickers and royal correspondent Camilla Tominey.

By their very nature, a king or queen’s default setting is that everyone else should obey their every whim. When one is surrounded by yes men and women, the temptation to start believing it’s your world alone and other people just live in it must be all-consuming.

So when someone calls you out for your faults, it must be kind of refreshing. Like a breath of fresh air. And according to Hugo Vickers, the queen actually enjoys being told off by her significant other.

Mr. Vickers explained, “The thing with the Queen and Prince Philip is that they both are very, very well matched. She took on somebody her own size.”

“He is the one person who can categorically tell her if something is not going well. He can talk to her directly and he does.”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in conversation.
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Camilla Tominey agreed with such sentiments and added, “Prince Philip does wear the trousers behind palace doors and he is the head of the family and he has made a lot of changes in Buckingham Palace that have been for the better.”

“Actually having a man in her life who tells her what he thinks of what she’s doing is probably a refreshing change.”