Kayla Moody Douses Her Braless Chest With A Hose In Raunchy Instagram Video

On Tuesday, American model Kayla Moody continued her recent streak of risque uploads with an Instagram video that saw her playing around with a garden hose. The hot military wife didn't hesitate to put the tool to good use, showing her raunchy side as she got completely soaked for the steamy clip. In typical Kayla fashion, the sizzling blonde pushed the limits on the platform with her skimpy outfit, wearing nothing underneath a wet white top. The skimpy number was fully drenched, leaving nothing to the imagination as it clung to her braless curves.

The slow-motion clip showed the buxom blonde putting on a racy display as she generously doused her chest and midriff. At one point, she pulled up her top to give her abs a good rinse, moving her hand up her bosom in a provocative way. Water dripped from her hand, trickling down her taut body. The video portrayed her from the mid-profile, offering a great view of her ample bust and narrow waist. Her slender hip was also showcased, along with a glimpse of the denim bottoms that completed her saucy look.

Kayla looked smoking hot in a strappy, deep-cut crop top that nearly exposed her nipples. The model flashed plenty of sideboob in the scandalous item, which cut off at the waist, showing off her trim midsection. Meanwhile, her bottoms were a low-rise design that bared her flat tummy, reminding fans that this Instagram model boasts a fierce physique.

The internet vixen rocked the wet hair look, letting her sleek tresses brush over her shoulder. She sported a stylish glam, highlighting her beautiful features with what looked like eyeliner, mascara on her long lashes, and a satin pink shade on her lips. She matched her manicure to her lipstick, opting for a pastel pink color. Her long nails appeared to feature white French tips, adding a touch of sophistication to the spicy look.

Kayla looked like she was having fun getting splashed for the cheeky shoot, which seemed to be taking place in an orchid. The background showed a wealth of green trees bordering a large stretch of sun-kissed grass. The model wasn't gazing into the camera, but rather glanced down at her voluptuous assets, seemingly taking in the view.

"Happy Tuesday," Kayla wrote in her caption, adding a flirty touch with a splashing-water and winking-face emoji.

"A very happy Tuesday indeed," replied one follower, mirroring her choice of emoji.

The steamy post quickly became a fan-favorite, garnering more than 26,800 likes and 460 comments in the first couple of hours of going live. The hot look drove her admirers into a meltdown, earning a flood of compliments in addition to the odd marriage proposal.

"Happy wet T-shirt Tuesday," commented one person.

"Could watch this all day," penned a second fan.

"That wet T-shirt is AWESOME!!!" gushed another one of her devotees. "Can I quarantine with U? U can't spell quarantine without the letters; U R A Q T."