Warriors Players React To Klay Thompson's Epic Dunk In His Comeback

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It had been over 900 days since we last saw Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson take the court.

Back-to-back season-ending injuries kept one of the greatest shooters ever away from the game, so it was only normal to think that he'd be kind of rusty or hesitant once he got a chance to come back.

That wasn't the case.

“Eighteen shots in 20 minutes,”_ Thompson said, per The Athletic. “Nothing’s really changed.”

Klay was aggressive from the jump, took as many shots as he needed to get his groove back, and put the crowd on its feet with his electric play once again.

Thompson Throws Down The Hammer

Notably, it wasn't a three-pointer that made CHASE Center go nuts in Thompson's return, but a huge dunk over Lauri Markkanen:

"When those lights are the brightest, I just felt bouncy and it just felt so good to throw that down," Thompson said, according to NBC Sports. "I did not expect that."

Thompson, who's never been much of a dunker, elevated and put the Cavs' forward on a poster:

"I just saw the rim. Luckily for me, I threw it down with authority and that felt really good. That felt really good. Really good, guys," Thompson added.

Stephen Curry 'Shocked' By Thompson's Dunk

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Thompson's emphatic dunk surprised even his own teammates, with Stephen Curry admitting to being in disbelief when he saw him taking off:

"It did," Curry admitted. "He's been talking about just how he feels and what's going to be the last thing to come back, and that was the answer. And it took him nine minutes. He got down the lane and had the confidence to try it even and got it done. It was vicious. It was amazing to watch."

Kevon Looney Will Never Forget That Dunk

Warriors big man Kevon Looney also shouted him out over that dunk, as he knows firsthand what it's like to miss that much time with such a delicate injury and how much of a toll it can take on a player:

"I'm going to remember that dunk," Looney said. "The whole time here when Klay had perfect knees and Achilles, I don't remember him dunking like that. So for him to come back and his first game to do a crossover and go dunk on the whole team is pretty impressive."

Thompson Felt Great In His Return

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While his shot wasn't falling as efficiently as it usually does, it was like Thompson never left in the first place. Now, it's all about getting his legs back under him:

“It was worth every single day of being away,” Thompson said. “It was a special moment. I will never forget. I’m not going to say it was the equivalent to winning a championship. But, man, it was pretty freaking close.”

We're just glad to have you back, Thompson. The game has missed you so much.