Suzanne Schulting Highlights Olympian Abs In String Bikini


Rebecca Cukier

Short track speed racer Suzanne Schulting has swapped her lycra for a tiny bikini, and the abs are basically a 48-pack. The Dutch Olympian has been busy soaking up the winter sun and showcasing her rock-hard torso, with low-key and sun-drenched photos on her Instagram marking a recent Greek vacation.

Suzanne, a twice overall World Champion and three-time European Champion, kept it vacay vibes back in December 2021, also showing off the results of her grueling workouts. Check out the photos below.

Stuns With Bikini Abs

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Scroll for the photos. Suzanne, tipped for big Olympic wins this season, posed for her 512,000 followers while on tan loungers and soaking up rays. Tagging herself in Tenerife, she rocked a triangle black bikini with cute string ties, also sporting a loose cream jacket worn for a little sun protection.

Holding her phone and rocking shades, the athlete went all leggy and highlighting her sculpted abs, with a bun hair finish going simple. Swipe below for both pics, scroll for more.

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Giving a nod to the sun, Suzanne took to her caption, writing: "Trainingcamp: Time to bike & catch some Vit D." Over 83,000 likes have been left, with fans writing: "And vitamin sea." "Those abs look sensational," another user wrote.

Interviews are few and far between for Suzanne, but she did reveal her mindset back in 2018, telling Teller Report:

"If I do not do anything for five days, I will not be doing anything for five days, but I think I should stay active, because it just works. (...) Being a sporter is more than your achievement now ."

Instagram Confessions

Schulting, who tends to document her career achievements over cash-centric endorsements on social media, continued:

"People want to see more than skating it's your expression Instagram is superhot I like it, so it does not bother me either This belongs to my generation."

"I try to post photos that are as real as possible, but I'm so vain, I'm vain, but who does that?" she added. A very real photo recently landed on her feed, one showing her in the woods and enjoying a walk with her mom.

A Little #PaidPartnership

In June 2021, Suzanne updated with a paid partnership for Samsung, writing: "Sorry not sorry📱🤎 #galaxys21 @samsungnederland #partner."

The real drive is the career, though, as outlined when Suzanne spoke with Olaf Hussein, stating:

“What really drives me is the gold. The feeling of winning the gold medal is the best thing ever. You train so hard the whole summer just for the feeling of crossing the finish line first. I scream my guts out when I win. That feeling really keeps me motivated and it’s like a drug. You want more and more and more."