Kate Beckinsale Bounces On Xmas Horse In High Heels

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Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale can always be relied on for a little humor. The 48-year-old actress, fresh from her explicit umbrella show-off, was back on Instagram over Christmas, this time showing off her childlike edge. The ex to Pete Davidson made it a bouncy affair by going boing boing on an inflatable-effect and seat-like soft toy horse, with the post also including the British beauty's casual outfit and high-heeled boots finish.

Of course, plenty of festive decorations were also included. Check it out below.

It's Christmas!

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Scroll for the post, one including photo and video action. The Pearl Harbor star delighted her 5.1 million followers with a Christmas gingerbread house shot to open with - here, Kate was wearing a festive crown as she admired the cute house, also seen with someone even more festive-looking next to her.

Of course, where Kate goes, so do her cats, Clive and Willow, with one included in the gallery, which also brought a full-length shot of Kate in black sweatpants, a white tee, plus chunky heeled boots.

See The Photos Below

Beckinsale, who looked a little bored in her video, caught the eye as she sat bouncing around on the toy horse while petting her cat - here, fans got a peek inside her luxurious home, with further slides showing Xmas decor including mini snowmen, a reindeer sleigh, plus the obligatory Santa.

Taking to her caption as she raked in over 80,000 likes, Kate wrote: "Lovely Christmas eve with my girl, my boy, my horse and @iamginodacampo 💕💕💕 #killerqueen #thesnowman." More after the post -swipe for the horse.

Not Just A Pretty Face

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Kate made headlines in October for showing it isn't just a bikini body that makes a Kate Beckinsale headline. Taking to IG, the starlet wrote:

"I was asked multiple times in a recent interview if knew my IQ. I didn’t answer the question the first few times, but I did tell the truth that my mum had had me tested when I was young, and that it was high. I didn’t remember the number, and after being pressed several times to call my mother and ask her, I did."

Got The IQ

Asking if she should "tell the truth" or even "lie" and "pretend it was lower," Kate continued:

"As a woman truthfully answering a question about my own IQ, I have been the subject of a few articles trying to shame me for it. This is EXACTLY what I mean by a handicap". She concluded that "NO percentage of women let alone 60% (Grazia magazine, 2019)should feel they need to lie or dumb down under ANY circumstances so as not to be a target."