Khloe Kardashian Keeps Calm Amidst Tristan Thompson's Cheating Drama

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Khloe Kardashian is over Tristan's embarrassing behavior as he fathers a child for the third time with another woman. If you don't know about this couple, here's a background on the situation.

The Sacramento Kings player admitted in Court proceedings on Dec. 3 to having sexual relations with personal trainer Maralee Nichols while in a relationship with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Unfortunately, this isn't the first cheating scandal Khloe and Tristan have faced as a couple.

News of the pregnancy upset the 37-year-old Revenge Body With Khloe host. A source told ­­People she "was upset to find out he cheat again," and "she just can't believe the he's going to be a dad again." Another source, however, gives a differing opinion saying the 30-year-old basketballer wasn't involved with his baby mother at the time.

Child Support, Paternity Test, and Threatening Messages

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The 31-year-old personal trainer who delivered her child on Thursday, Dec. 2, sued Thompson for child support and reimbursement of her pregnancy's medical expenses. Court proceedings obtained by the Daily Mail revealed Thompson and Nichols had sex at his 30th birthday party in Texas. He counters with a request for a paternity test because he doubts Maralee's claims of conception taking place in March.

In addition to the suit, Nichols, a Houston native, filed a submission of threatening texts from the Canadian player. Radar exposed Thompson for asking his alleged baby mama to abort her child. He further threatened not to support her financially because he was "retiring."

Khloe's Reaction To The Hush Money Claims

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Thompson goes further in the purported text message by offering Nichols $75,000 hush money. He supposedly tells her his "feelings haven't changed at all," referring to his refusal to get involved in the child's life. The Canadian basketball star denies all claims even though he admits his contact information is correct.

In a vague Instagram story post to her 200 million followers, Khloe says she doesn't have time for negativity. She hasn't made any official statement or post regarding the situation except the cryptic repost. We may not consider that a reaction because Khloe always posts motivational quotes on her Insta story.

A Conversation Woman To Woman

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An insider told Hollywood Life Khloe wants to speak to Maralee asap… woman to woman, mother to mother.” The insider says the mother of one is confused because her baby daddy told her it was a one-night-stand, but people call it a five-month-long affair. She’s waiting to get her facts right before jumping to conclusions.

Although Khloe wanted to maintain the relationship for her daughter True's sake, this may well be the last straw. We don't know how this would play out yet because the Good American founder considered having baby no. 2 with Thompson recently. She explained why she wanted her children to have the same father.

Scott Disick To The Rescue

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In a new Insta story post, Khloe gushes over flowers from her nieces and nephew's father, Scott Disick. She thanks him for the kind gesture, which is a show of support in this difficult time.

Khloe's family and friends are also sticking with her through this drama. A source tells People they're tired of her tumultuous relationship with Tristan but would always be there for her. Friends allegedly asked her "not to take Thompson back… but she always believed that he would change."