Skai Jackson Spills The Tea On Disney Channel Experience

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Joan Minoza

Skai Jackson is all grown-up but she will never forget her days on Disney.

The 19-year-old actress, who now has an estimated net worth of $500,000, took to her YouTube channel to reminisce about her days being a child star.

Jackson got candid with her fans and spilled some tea. She decided to do a little Q&A and answered all the things fans wanted to know about her time on Disney.

Scroll below to see what she had to say.

Skai Started Her Career Very Young

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Before her time on Disney, Skai was already doing modeling jobs. She appeared on several commercials, including Band-Aid, Coca-Cola and Old Navy.

She made her acting debut at just 5 years old in the indie film Liberty Kid. She made a couple of other appearances in films and shows before landing her breakout role as Zuri Ross in the Disney sitcom Jessie. She had just turned 9 when she joined the cast and held the role for the next 7 years.

Some of her most notable recent appearances include voicing a character in Dreamworks' Dragons: Rescue Riders and a stint in Dancing with the Stars. She will also be in Disney's Muppets Haunted Mansion.

Skai's Experience With Creepy Fans


For her intimate Q&A, Skai answered questions sent in by her fans.

One of the questions was if she ever had an uncomfortable experience with "pedo" fans.

“I have had a couple experiences where I was pretty uncomfortable.. I think one time in a meet & greet, someone like grabbed me, not in like an inappropriate place, but like grabbed me when they shouldn’t have grabbed me.” Skai answered.

“It comes with the job I have. Some people just do weird things and I just kinda have to deal with it.”

'Jessie' Co-Stars Stay in Touch

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She also revealed in the vlog that she is still in touch with her castmates from the hit show.

“We still communicate. Of course, we don’t talk to each other every single day because we're not around each other every single day like we were before. But, we have a group chat with everyone and sometimes we’ll text and check in with each other.”

Skai Doesn't Want A 'Jessie' Reboot Without Cameron

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When asked if she wanted to have a reboot of the Jessie, her answer was no.

"Probably not, mainly from the fact that I don't think there should be a 'Jessie' reboot because Cameron is not here to be a part of that. So, I definitely don't think there will be one. I personally wouldn't do it."

"But, it would be nice, like 20 years from now, if there was like a little 'Jessie' reunion.. That could be really fun."