Donald Trump Is 'A Step Closer To Prison,' Writer Says

Former President Donald Trump looks off camera during a meeting.
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Donald Trump's tax records are finally in the hands of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., which continues to fuel speculation that the former president will end up in prison.

In a Thursday piece for Palmer Report, writer Suzanne Shatto suggested that the new development represents "a step closer to prison" for the real estate mogul.

"Trump’s world hasn’t come to an end yet, but the clock is ticking," she wrote. 

"Depending on what Trump did, Trump & heirs may be that slow-moving trainwreck."

Trump's Financial Records Will Be Fully Accessible To Vance Jr. 

Forme President Donald Trump looks off camera while walking.
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Shatto noted that the tax returns include a wide-ranging amount of financial information, including working papers, financial statements, engagement letters, and preparation and review papers.

"Financial statements cover past financial positions as well as current valuations," she wrote. 

"The property taxes are supposed to cover past valuations. Loan agreements may cover past and current situations, and address future expectations."

Although the writer suggested that the public would likely gain access to the information at some point, she noted the release will hinge on Vance Jr. proceeding with the process of indictment.

Trump Could Face A Number Of Different Charges

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If Vance Jr. proceeds with the indictment process based on information discovered in Trump's tax returns, the real estate mogul could face any number of charges, including tax fraud, insurance fraud, income tax fraud, and unwarranted accelerated tax write-offs.

As noted by PBS, Vance Jr.'s probe intends to determine whether Trump lied about the value of his business assets in order to benefit his financial situation. Elsewhere, the district attorney is taking a close look at purported hush-money payments that were made at Trump's behest.

Trump Could Also Face Charges From Another Investigation

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Vance Jr.'s inquiry is not the only investigation that could throw Trump into legal trouble. As The Inquisitr reported, New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether Trump lied about his assets — a civil probe that could lead to criminal charges if it uncovers felonies.

Nevertheless, CNBC reported that James claimed that the recent release of Trump's tax returns will have no effect on her probe.

“We will continue our investigation and upon completion we will announce our findings,” she said.

Many Have Predicted That Trump Will End Up In Prison

Former President Donald Trump exits the White House.
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Whether it's wishful thinking or not, many have predicted that Trump will ultimately end up in prison. 

Notably, political commentator Bill Palmer previously predicted that Trump would either be imprisoned or under house arrested by the time the next presidential hopefuls make their bid for the next White House term.

"Trump will be off the political stage soon, mired in criminal charges and financial collapse, uninterested in politics," he tweeted in the thread with his prediction.

Elsewhere, Forbes editor Dan Alexander suggested that Trump's alleged "dirty" financial dealings could ultimately be his downfall.