Qimmah Russo Flashes Chiseled Physique In Bright Orange Swimsuit

Qimmah Russo smiles at the camera wearing a nude skintight dress and sparkly choker.
Gettyimages | David Livingston
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Qimmah Russo served a killer look on Wednesday, February 24, when she treated her 1.7 million Instagram followers to a hot new update. 

The American fitness personality and trainer took to the popular photo-sharing app to upload a series of snapshots of herself wearing a barely-there bikini that put her chiseled body front and center. 

All of the photos showed Russo in a spacious, elegant living room as she stood in front of a full-length mirror holding her phone to capture the selfies

Mirror Selfies

Qimmah Russo sits on a bathroom counter while taking a mirror selfie.
Instagram | Qimmah Russo

The photos were very similar and captured Russo posing on the balls of her feet. She crossed her ankles, engaging the muscles of her strong thighs. She drew her hips to the sides while leaning her torso in the opposite direction. 

In most of them, Russo placed her iPhone above her head, tilting it down a bit to capture her whole body from a high angle. As she lifted her hand, she showed off the musculature on her upper arm and shoulder.

Orange Swimsuit

Qimmah Russo poses outside in a cut-out sports bra while holding a protein shaker.
Instagram | Qimmah Russo

In all of the photos with the exception of the last one, Russo pulled a hair strand out to the side in a coquettish manner. 

Russo looked at her phone screen while brightly at the camera, showing a bit of teeth.

Russo was dressed in a bright orange two-piece bathing suit that made her caramel skin stand out. The bra had frilly details along the top and bottom edges, adding a romantic vibe to the garment. It featured a low-cut neckline that put Russo's voluptuous cleavage on display.

Oozing Sex Appeal

Qimmah Russo poses in the snow in a skimpy brown top and black jacket.
Instagram | Qimmah Russo

The cups were tied in place via medium strings that tied into a bow in between her breasts. 

On her lower body, Russo wore a pair of matching bottoms that ruched along the upper string, which sat low and showcased her taut lower stomach. The bottoms boasted side ties that Russo wore high, drawing attention to her tight hips. 

The fitness model wore her dark hair parted in the middle and styled in soft ringlets that she pulled in front of her shoulders, allowing them to fall onto her chest.

A Good Morning

Qimmah Russo sits poolside in a black bikini.
Instagram | Qimmah Russo

Russo used the caption space to wish her loyal fans a good morning. 

Since going live six hours ago, the post has attracted more than 40,300 likes and 660 comments. Her followers flocked to the comments section to shower Russo with compliments, praising her physique, swimsuit, and overall body.

"You look so pretty," one user wrote.

"That body got me going," replied another fan.

"Definitely the top 5 most beautiful ladies on IG," a third follower chimed in.

"Wow. Best body. So cute," added the fourth admirer.