Rachel Cook Shows Off Her Cornrows & Killer Body In Bold Bikini Reel

Ryan Aston

Model/content creator Rachel Cook clearly believes there are no days off where upping one's Instagram game is concerned. In recent weeks, her popular profile has been set ablaze by a near-constant stream of steamy snapshots showing her in varying levels of undress.

On Friday, the 26-year-old -- who just celebrated a birthday in January -- brought the heat once again with a new spin on a familiar outfit.

In her latest upload, Cook appeared in full motion as she strutted her stuff in a skimpy bikini and hair extensions that were woven along with her natural mane into tightly-braided cornrows. While she had rocked the same ensemble in earlier updates, the spicy reel worked wonders in putting a fresh coat of paint on what was already alluring imagery.

Cook revealed in the caption that the clip served as a sneak preview of the work that she had done in Turks & Caicos for Nirvana Magazine, a digital platform she co-created in an effort to bring fans exclusive, premium content.

The Seattle, Washington, native's admirers didn't seem to mind the repeat appearance by her bikini set, as they double-tapped her video to the tune of 21,000-plus likes in little more than an hour. They also filled the comments section with praise.

"Extremely stunning and gorgeous," one smitten supporter opined. "Those eyes, wow."

"The stuff dreams are made of!" a second devotee declared.

"Do you ever look bad tho?" another enamored admirer asked, emphasizing their feelings with fire emoji.

After a handful of beats, the video cut to a close-up shot of Cook's head as she peered over her right shoulder before turning to face the device that documented her. While her expression was largely a neutral one, there was a seductive smolder in her brilliant, blue-green eyes.

Just as she began to flash a small hint of a grin, the footage transitioned into a shot of Cook pointing her own camera at the one that had focused its lens on her. Throughout the clip, Night Tales' "Friends" had deftly aided in setting the mood.

Earlier in the week, Cook had already brought the sizzle by sporting purple lingerie in another revealing update.