Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Flaunts Her Fit Booty In Tight Shorts For Latest Video Upload

Lucy Robson posts a selfie on Instagram
Lucy Robson / Instagram

Instagram model Lucy Robson showcased her fit figure for her latest video update. In the clip, she wore a top that showcased her cleavage, and a pair of skintight shorts that embellished her backside as she performed stretches designed to help improve a golfer’s swing.

The British bombshell is known for her skills on the links, and in this footage, she shared six exercises that can help improve a person’s drive. She worked out at home on a gym mat that was set up in front of the simulator she uses to work on her game.

Robson had her long blond hair tied in loose pigtails, and she left her bangs hanging in front of her gorgeous face. She wore a revealing white top that had a single thick strap over her right shoulder and had a slit in the chest that left her cleavage partially exposed. She also sported a pair of olive-colored bike shorts that wrapped tightly around her thighs and booty.

At the beginning of the clip, Robson was filmed from the side on all fours. She extended her right arm out while simultaneously kicking her left leg back. For the second exercise, the Cal Poly product was in a similar position, but this time, she rotated her limbs. This angle treated fans to a glimpse of her curvy derriere.

Robson knelt down while getting into a push-up position for the third portion of the routine. She lifted herself up and paused to hold the position. In the next part of the clip, she was in a push-up pose, but in here, she arched her back up. The golfer had her weight on her forearms while resting in a plank for the fifth stretch. She finished the workout by staying in a plank but rotated her hips back and forth.

For the caption, the 25-year-old included details on how many reps and sets to do for the stretches. She added a flag-in-hole and explosion emoji before uploading the video on Friday. Many of Robson’s 873,000 Instagram followers took notice of the eye-catching video, and more than 6,400 showed their approval by tapping the “like” button. She had more than 130 comments, as her replies were flooded with heart and flex emoji.

“Grand exercise routine,” one follower commented.

“Excellent beautiful,” an admirer wrote.

“You look good,” a fan replied while adding a strong emoji.

“Good stuff there. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and you are so beautiful,” an Instagram user wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month Robson flaunted her ample cleavage in a black dress while posing on a golf course.