Contortionist Sofie Dossi Rocks Insane Backbend In Daisy Dukes, Asks Fans If They’re Single

Gymnast Sofie Dossi attends Indiana Massara and Brighton Sharbino birthday party on August 12, 2018 in Sherman Oaks, California.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Remarkably limber celebrity Sofie Dossi took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon looking summery and gorgeous. She delighted her 3.7 million followers with yet another impressive demonstration of her self-taught abilities, along with a flirty caption that left them wanting more.

Sofie greeted her fans and inquired about their relationship status, which created an almost immediate buzz of activity in the comments section. Many fans expressed their relationship goals, specifically with her. The post was flooded with adoration for the 19-year-old, who gained popularity several years ago through her presence on TikTok and America’s Got Talent.

“Omg ur literally incredible,” gushed the first fan to hit Sofie’s page.

She responded with a heart emoji.

“Yes. please unsingle me!” implored a second person, who added a few heart-eye symbols to emphasize their request.

“You’re really gorgeous and talented Sofie,” sweetly complimented a third follower.

“Yep I’m single as a pringle and I’m ready to mingle,” quipped a fourth fan.

Sofie balanced on both hands atop the metal railing lining a set of public steps and was bent into an amazing arch that appeared to defy the laws of gravity. Both arms were fully extended, and she flexed her torso backward so that the backs of her thighs nearly touched the crown of her head and her feet dangled in front of her face.

She appeared to maintain the pose with shockingly effortless ease. Her head was raised, and she made direct eye contact with the camera as a small smile played upon her lips.

Her figure contorted at a slight angle to maximize the amount of her petite frame visible to the viewer. Her left leg bent at the knee, which was positioned directly above her body with the top facing to the sky. Her tiny denim shorts revealed her toned thighs as well as a hint of her derriere, which just barely peeked out of the bottom.

She stretched her right leg straight out and pointed her toes.

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hi are u single? . . . ???? @teddiehartphotography

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In addition to the revealing shorts, she also wore a tight-fitting top with cap sleeves featuring a bright orange color. Crisp white tennis shoes with black accents and no socks completed her ensemble.

Sofie’s tight ombré curls were thrown to one side and cascaded over her shoulder, framing her delicate features.

Her location was geotagged at Huntington Beach in California, and the scene was an idyllic representation of a sunny summer day. On her right, a long pier stretched out toward blue-green water in the distance.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr covered Sofie in an equally challenging pose with the acrobatic Rybka twins from Australia.