Nastia Liukin Showcases Her Long, Lean Legs In Gorgeous Bikini Snap

Former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin attends The 2017 ESPYS.
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin caused a stir among her followers with her latest Instagram post. The ensemble that she wore in the shot may have looked familiar to her long-time followers, as the image seems to have come from a sultry photoshoot she did several months ago. However, the caption and pose were new and seemed to have had a significant impact on many of her fans.

In the pic she uploaded on Thursday, she wore a flattering black bikini, sunglasses, and a large-brimmed hat. It didn’t appear that she had shared this particular photo before, which showcased her gymnast’s physique in an especially enticing pose.

The photographer appeared to have crouched or laid down on the sand, angling the camera upward. Nastia gazed off in the distance and she appeared to perhaps be mid-step. One leg was slightly ahead of the other and her arm was bent at the elbow, crossing her midriff.

The angle the photographer used made the gymnast’s lean legs appear even longer than usual. Many of the muscles in Nastia’s calf, thigh, and pert derrière were amazingly defined, which showed off her insanely fit figure.

In her caption, Nastia shared an inspirational message. She wrote about setting goals, determining intentions, and focusing on them in a persistent manner until success is achieved. The photo and caption generated a significant response from her 1 million followers overnight, as they praised both her stunning vibe and insightful advice.

The post received more than 15,000 likes and a number of comments, as her fans shared their love for the new upload.

“Wow very beautiful amazing incredible picture of you,” one follower wrote.

“Wow looks so unbelievably breathtaking,” praised a second fan.

“You just might be the world’s most beautiful woman. You certainly are among its strongest,” a third user declared.

“This is fire! And the truth! Thanks for sharing @nastialiukin,” complimented a fourth person.

This sultry snapshot comes amid the Olympian posting a handful of fun, casual updates. As those who follow her know, Nastia and fellow Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson are quite close these days and recently spent a few days together.

They posted a handful of fun “challenge” videos that got their fans laughing. Both ladies remain stunning and strong, despite not being actively competing any longer, and their fans love to see them having a blast together.

Any time Nastia shares a photo showing her in a bikini or another ensemble that showcases her long legs and insane physique, her fans go wild. She oozes confidence and sexiness and her followers can never seem to get enough.