Topless Bru Luccas Goes Bottoms Up In Beachside Bikini Shoot

Fitness model Bru Luccas poses for a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Brazilian fitness model and social media marvel Bru Luccas has a reputation for igniting the masses with snapshots of her trim, athletic, and curvy body. She continued to bring the heat on May 23, posting an incredible beachside bikini pic in which she went bottoms up, displaying her incredible assets and toned physique for all to see, while just managing to obscure her bare chest from the camera’s lens.

In the update, which was posted to her Instagram feed, the 26-year-old Sao Paulo product geotagged Black’s Beach in La Jolla, California. Wherever she may have been taking in the warm weather, though, her sizzling body was probably generating enough heat on its own to turn the sand below her into solid glass.

In the photo, Bru was lying on the beach with her front side resting in the sand. Her forearms were placed in front of her and her hands were almost intertwined; she raised her head slightly above her back and shoulders and turned it toward the camera, projecting a smoldering intensity with her expression.

Bru’s bustline area was shrouded by shadows and wild hanging strands of her light brown hair, as well as her upper arm. However, she was very clearly without a top for this sumptuous spread.

Lower on her frame, tiny neon green bottoms adorned her backside, but it did little to mask the size, shape and other intricate details of her perfectly contoured glutes. Meanwhile, the sharp curves of her backside stood in stark contrast to the canvas of sand surrounding her body; the overall aesthetic was aided in no small part by the glints of light that reflected off her tanned skin.

In the background of the shot, viewers could almost see the tide breaking and rolling back down the shore.

Bru’s latest Instagram update rocked the platform, delighting her army of admirers to the tune of well over 100,000 likes in just a few hours. Her fans weren’t shy about voicing their approval for the beachside spread, either, as the comment thread had eclipsed 600 posts in that span.

“Beautiful view,” opined one admirer. It’s possible they weren’t referring to the coastal California scenery.

“BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS,” exclaimed one comment in all-caps.

“Phenomenal,” wrote another commenter.

Bru has been killing it with tempting swimsuit pics on her feed for some time now. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she dropped a picture on May 21 that showed her emerging from a pool in a super-skimpy bikini.