Abby Rao Flaunts Her Backside In A White Thong Bikini To Take 'Images That Last'

Abby Rao shared a tantalizing bikini photo with her 1.9 million Instagram followers on May 16. The Clubhouse co-founder was pictured giving her fans a rear view of her revealing bathing suit as she posed outside.

For her photo shoot, Abby wore a dazzling white two-piece. She was photographed from the back, which revealed that her bottoms were a thong. The garment's string ties were stretched up high on Abby's hips, and they were looped through two silver rings.

The metallic hardware was attached to the triangle-shaped piece of fabric that made up the back of the garment. The daring design left little to the imagination, and it also helped to ensure that Abby's pert posterior was the focal point of the picture.

Little of Abby's matching bikini top was visible, save for its spaghetti straps and the band of material stretched across the model's back. If the top had a closure, it wasn't on the back of the garment.

Abby wore her long blond hair down so that it tumbled down her back and right shoulder. She added a pop of color to her look by using a scarf headband to keep her hair out of her face. The patterned scarf was mostly turquoise with a red-and-gold print. Abby's other accessories included a glittering pair of diamond solitaire earrings.

The model was sitting cross-legged on a lawn of short green grass. The sun was lighting up a portion of the fenced-in yard, but Abby was in the shade. She had her left hand on her knee, and she was gazing back over her left shoulder at the camera. She had a sultry expression on her face.

Abby's post also included two short video clips that were filmed indoors. They provided a closer look at her flawless face, and they revealed that she was wearing a silver pendant necklace with the letter "A" engraved on it.

The Drake song, "Chicago Freestyle," played as Abby fluttered her eyelashes and quirked the corners of her lips up in a small smile. She also quoted the song in her caption.

Over the span of two hours, Abby's Instagram post has racked up over 142,000 likes. It also received over 1,160 comments from her ardent admirers.

"Where's my water cause I'm thirsty now, hold my beer," read one response to her post.

"So beautiful it's unreal," another fan wrote.

"Damn Abby got that cake," remarked a third commenter.

"No words can express how truly wonderful and amazing and fantastic you are," gushed a fourth devotee. "You are truly perfection."

Abby's photos were taken at the Beverly Hills mansion where members of The Clubhouse reside. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she and another member of the collective of influencers, Kinsey Wolanski, were pictured enjoying the luxurious property's hot tub in a set of snapshots that Kinsey posted on Instagram earlier this month.