’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Yolanda Finally Catches Up With Catfish Boyfriend Williams

Stock photo of a couple holding hands.
John Moore / Getty Images

Looks like Yolanda is back on the Williams train, based on a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days posted to TLC’s website. The preview currently appears to be unavailable, however.

After the death of her husband, Yolanda found love online with a man named Williams, who told her he was living in England. The pair got to know each other through text and phone calls but they had never met in-person or chatted via video call. Earlier in the season, Yolanda began making plans to see Williams but as she pushed him for information about airports in his area and his address, he pulled away from her. He went as far as to delete his Instagram account to avoid communicating with Yolanda.

The single mother told her children about Williams’ strange actions and they conducted a reverse image search, which proved the person behind the account had been sending fake photos. But despite the evidence in front of her, Yolanda struggled to accept that the man she was in love with could be betraying her. In an attempt to get the truth, she continued to send him messages until he finally responded.

“I care about Williams a lot and I care about him telling me the truth,” she explained to the show’s cameras. “I really want to know who exactly I’m dealing with.”

She said Williams responded to tell her he was “broken and in pain” after losing a family member. She told him that she understood why he refused to video chat but she didn’t care about the old photos and requested a photo of the real him.

Unfortunately, Williams stopped responding again.

In a previous episode, Yolanda said she received an email threatening to release her private photos if she didn’t pay a sum of money. She admitted that she had only sent sexy photos to Williams, but didn’t want to believe that he could be behind the email. When asked whether she brought up the threats, she said she opted not to mention it to the elusive man.

The producers also asked if she was still in love with Williams and she said she was unable to flip a switch.

“I am still in love with him. I mean, I can’t just fall out of love with him just that fast.”

She went on to say that a lot of things Williams told her could still be true and she will continue to love her potential catfish of a boyfriend until she knows for sure he’s deceiving her. Yolanda said she still hoped to visit Williams in England, despite the fact that all signs point to the man being Nigerian.

If Williams does turn out to be real, fans of the show will be just as shocked as they were to learn that David’s girlfriend, Lana, actually existed.