John Clark Gable Blackout Caused By Brain Aneurysm? Actor Has Medical History [Video]

John Clarke Gable, the son of Hollywood legend Clark Gable, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of DUI. Now John has released a public statement in which he blames a possible brain aneurysm on his blackout.

While many Hollywood figures have attempted some strange lies in the past, there is a very real chance Gable is telling the truth.

John went under the knife in both 2006 and 2009 after he suffered from two small-sized brain aneurysms.

At the time of his accident, John Clarke Gable says he was only taking medication for a minor leg injury he recently suffered while mountain biking.

Gable is adamant that he didn’t have any alcohol in his body when he smashed into six parked cars on Pacific Coast Highway.

John says the last thing he remembers is getting cut off by a van and then running into a phone pole.

While Brain aneurysms can be fatal, Gable says he underwent corrective surgery both times.

Gable has announced plans to see a doctor as soon as possible. John is not sure at this time if another aneurysm played a role in his blackout or if other variables were at play.

Police tested John Clarke Gable’s blood alcohol level after the crash; results from that test have not been revealed at this time.

A witness tells KTLA-TV that Gable looked confused when he exited his vehicle:

“It took him a few seconds to get out of his truck. And finally, when he got out of his truck — I guess he was in shock or something — he just fell on the floor.”

This is not the first time John has been in trouble with the law; in 2011, he was sentenced to 10 days in jail after he pointed a laser device at an LAPD helicopter.

Further details to follow as they are revealed by Hollywood police.

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