Jenna Johnson Pokes Fun At Her 'Piano Rolls' In Hilarious Video With Husband Val Chmerkovskiy

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes video to their Instagram pages.

In the second installment of their online series "Untitled…With Jenna & Val," the Dancing with the Stars pro dancers got real during a "pre-production" meeting as Jenna noticed a flap of skin hanging over the top of her leggings.

In the new video, Jenna is wearing a black crop top and leggings as she and Val discuss ideas for future videos. As Jenna tells her husband of one year that he's not always himself on camera, the superfit DWTS mirrorball champion then catches herself on camera and notices a small overhang of skin on her stomach.

"Oh. My. God. What is that?" she asks, as Val bursts into giggles.

The pretty pro dancer then begins to play with her loose skin. At one point she jokes that she can stretch it over their dog Ziggy's head.

"I could have wrapped your birthday gift with his," Jenna tells Val.

In a hilarious edit, the couple inserts music during a segment that shows Jenna rolling and tapping her loose skin wither fingers. The DWTS veterans both tagged the video with the hashtag "#pianorolls."

In comments to the clip, Instagram followers raved about how real Jenna and Val are with their fans and how they deserve their own TV show.

"You two!" one fan wrote. "Now all you need to do is MORE OF THAT! When you inserted music to Jenna playing her little skin roll …You are an act right there and you only need to sit there. You are Lucy and Desi. Burns and Allen (you may have to look that one up) but trust me you're funny!"

"Someone get you two a reality show!" another added.

"She's beautiful — and I love how she can laugh at herself. Makes her even more beautiful," a third fan wrote.

"Love this! Thanks for keeping it so real with us! And Jenna I would trade rolls with you in a heartbeat!" another fan added.

The new "Untitled... With Jenna & Val" post comes days after the couple filmed a video of Jenna shaving Val's head during a "quarantine" haircut. Based on their not-so-secret pre-production meeting, fans can also expect to see a video compilation of the duo's at-home choreography, some TikTok reenactments, and maybe even a peek at Val's plants in his at-home garden.

One thing fans probably won't see is a workout series. Near the end of the new clip, Jenna notes that she and Val don't work out together at home.