‘The Challenge’ Star Jennifer Lee Bakes In Red Bra & Panties With Gingham Apron And White Thigh-Highs

Jennifer Lee on Instagram.
Jennifer Lee / Instagram

The Challenge contestant Jennifer Lee shared a smoking-hot video of herself attempting to bake during the coronavirus pandemic. She also included a picture of herself covered in flour. Her followers seemed to love the lighthearted post.

In the video, Jennifer wore a red lace demi bra that provided viewers an ample glimpse of cleavage. She paired the undergarment with matching red lace cheeky panties, and as she moved, they offered a peek of her curvy backside. The reality TV star tied a red gingham ruffled apron around her waist, but she had it folded and tucked into her undergarments to show off the top of her sheer white thigh-highs.

The model wore her waist-length brunette hair in soft cures with a side part, and it hung down her back and over one shoulder, partially covering one of her breasts. She wore dramatic eye makeup along with bronzer and highlighter. A nude color filled in the model’s generous lips. She accessorized with a small gold necklace.

All she needed was a cake mix and a glass cake pan to create a cute cooking tutorial that really would not help anybody bake a cake. Jennifer poured the dry ingredients in the pan. Then instead of putting the eggs that were on the cabinet into the mix, she picked up a white spatula and stirred things around before carefully opening the oven and placing the whole thing inside. In the picture, the former Amazing Race contestant had smudges of flour on her body, and she laughed while bending over toward her dog, Bronson.

In the caption, Jennifer admitted she is good at baking, and the video was just a joke. She also credited Dorian Qi with the videography and photography. Fans hit the “like” button nearly 2,500 times, showing her some love. Plus, dozens left positive messages in the comments section.

“Would you still love me if your cookies and cake disappeared before you got to decorate them?” asked one fan.

“Wow, I feel very hungry now, although I just have my dinner,” another follower noted along with a red heart eye emoji.

“Lucky Bronson, The stories that good boy could tell,” wrote a third Instagram user.

“Obviously, you can’t cook, but I bet there’s something you can do really well,” a fourth teased.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Jennifer shared pictures of herself from a photoshoot she had before things got crazy with the coronavirus pandemic.