Instagram Hottie Jojo Babie Rocks Booty-Hugging Leggings In New Snap

Jojo BabieInstagram

Instagram hottie Jojo Babie has posted yet another showstopping photo to her feed. The blond vixen is known for rocking killer outfits that often flaunt her bodacious booty, and her Wednesday night update was no different.

The stunning model posed by standing next to a white car. She placed one hand on the hood and let the other one trail down her prodigious backside. For the photograph, Jojo sported a pair of snug, gray booty-hugging leggings by 1st Phorm. Thanks to the tightness of her pants, the beauty was able to flaunt her incredible curves, muscular thighs, and legs. Even though her rear end was the main attraction, she also wore a cropped white t-shirt and a pair of strappy black high heels.

Since the image wasn’t taken in close-up, it was hard to discern how much makeup Jojo wore, but she appeared to have taken care to define her eyebrows and apply a nude matte shade to her plump lips. For her eyes, she added several coats of mascara, making her smoldering gaze stand out from several feet away.

She left her long luxurious golden mane loose and pulled it over her front where it cascaded down her chest. Despite her upscale tastes, Jojo opted not to wear any visible accessories so as not to detract from her outfit. However, it did appear that she’d recently gotten her fingernails manicured, and she had them painted.

“Baby where we goin for dinner?” Jojo wrote, before advertising her leggings.

It only took two hours for the smokeshow’s pic to earn more than 40,000 likes and close to 1,400 comments. Fans were rendered speechless by her jaw-dropping good looks and exquisite body. Several of them left cake and peach emoji in her comments section, referring to her perky derrière.

A lot of her followers also playfully responded to the question posed by her caption.

“Where ever you wanna go would suit me,” said one person.

“I know you like pizza, so you tell me where the best place is for some,” a second admirer chimed in, adding several emoji to their remark.

“Wow jojo_babie you stunning woman,” a third fan wrote.

“Anywhere you want to go @jojo_babie but i am paying for dinner and dessert,” a fourth user offered.

Previously, the model shared a flirtatious photograph of herself wearing a scandalous black lace bra with a plunging neckline that showcased her tremendous cleavage. Her share racked up over 133,000 likes.