Australian Bombshell Jem Wolfie Wows Fans By Playing Piano In Red Lingerie And Santa Hat

Jem Wolfie takes a gym selfie.
Jem Wolfie / Instagram

Australian Instagram bombshell Jem Wolfie just shared a video on her social media page that is driving her fans wild. The buxom blond is seemingly filled with holiday spirit and she’s ready to sing a jingle to generate some buzz among her followers.

The new post on Monday showed Jem wearing a tiny bright-red lingerie ensemble and a Santa hat. This looks like a revealing outfit that she has worn in other Instagram updates, but wearing it while playing the piano and videotaping it for fans seems to be a new twist.

The video showed Jem from the back, sitting on a black stool as she played a Christmas song on the keyboard. In a comment under her initial caption, the gorgeous Aussie asked her followers if they knew the song she played. By the looks of the comments on the post, however, the name of the song wasn’t what most of Jem’s fans were focusing on.

The red lingerie set she was wearing in the video was quite minuscule and put her curvy booty on full display. The waistband of the tiny, lacy g-string sat high on Jem’s hips and helped to accentuate her hourglass figure.

Unfortunately for anxious fans, Jem didn’t show a shot of her from the front in this latest upload. Based on previous Instagram photos that appear to feature the same set of lingerie, Jem’s ensemble is plenty revealing from every possible angle.

Followers of the gorgeous 28-year-old Australian were quick to react to the sexy video. Within just a few hours of being posted, the video has already been viewed more than 235,000 times. More than 53,000 of Jem’s 2.7 million followers liked the video and nearly 800 comments were posted as well.

“Just imagine waking up to something this beautiful and I’m not talking about the music,” wrote one enthusiastic fan.

“Seriously no one is gonna pay attention to the music,” declared another follower.

“I can’t even concentrate right now,” a third fan remarked, who was clearly distracted by the revealing lingerie.

“I stared at this for so long, then I noticed the piano,” a fourth social media user shared, who was thinking similarly.

As was the case with another revealing Instagram post that Jem recently shared, the Aussie was promoting her 2020 calendar in this new upload as she flaunted her curves.

Jem is certainly no stranger to showing off her assets, as many of her social media posts contain revealing snaps of either her plump bum or deep cleavage. The gorgeous Australian model knows how to get her followers wound up and she never leaves them wanting for long.