Laci Kay Somers Rocks Tight Bodysuit With A Strap Falling Down

Laci Kay Somers takes a selfie.
Laci Kay Somers / Instagram

Laci Kay Somers shared a sizzling new Instagram photo today. It showed her rocking a tight, black bodysuit with a strap falling down. The fabric may be leather or latex — either way, it was shiny in the light. The bodysuit featured a low neckline that left her cleavage on full display, while it also had an extra-high cut at the bottom. This left her booty and hips completely bare.

The stunner posed while standing up and angled her body toward the camera. She popped out her left leg and held onto a strap with her right hand, as it fell down her shoulder. She glanced to her right with a smoldering expression on her face, as she parted her lips while wearing glossy, pink lipstick. The rest of her makeup included heavy pink blush and dark lashes.

Laci wore her hair down, and it appeared to be wet. She brushed pieces in front of the left side of her face, while the rest fell down the front of her left shoulder. She posed in front of a dark backdrop. It looked like she may have been standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, with a tree and brush outside. Everything glowed in a dark, blue-purplish hue, which lit up the side of her hair in some parts. Even so, the model was seen well-lit. So much so, that her skin was glowing, especially on her arms, cleavage, and hips.

The update was geotagged in Orange County, California.

Fans took to the comments section to express their opinions on the new, revealing picture.

“You’re always an inspiration. Thank you for being one of the most genuine people ever,” gushed a follower.

“Wow absolutely stunning what a body,” gushed an admirer.

“Love how the photo is shot the light and how it is. Plus you kill it,” wrote a fan.

“My crush every single day keep making that amazing music beautiful your voice is amazing,” encouraged a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, Laci showed off her cleavage, except she sported lingerie instead of a bodysuit. The bombshell shared two photos, as she rocked a low-cut and sheer teddy. It also had a high cut in the front, with the sides resting high on her hips. There were lace floral accents on her chest and down the front, which were complemented with thin, black stripes. She wore her hair down in luxurious curls, which she brushed in front of her shoulders.