Pauline Tantot Puts Booty Front & Center In Flirty New Pics

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Pauline Tantot put her booty front and center in her new Instagram post. The model was seen sporting a pair of dark bottoms, along with an oversized T-shirt. The bottoms weren’t necessarily a thong, but she pulled them up in such a way to bare most of her derriere. The shirt she wore was black and featured a Harley-Davidson logo. It was from Michael’s Harley Davidson dealership in Cotati, California. The oversized shirt’s sleeves almost reached Pauline’s elbows.

The first photo showed the blond posing while standing up and facing her back to the camera. She placed her hands on the sides of her booty and looked to the right. She stuck her tongue out playfully while wearing her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her locks fell down the middle of her back.

The second photo showed the model sitting on the edge of a bed. She sat upright while touching the sides of her derriere, again. Pauline also arched her back in order to accentuate her curves.

Both photos showed the stunner bathed in a pink-and-purple glow. Behind her was a white door, although not much else could be seen. The post was geotagged in Paris.

Fans had tons of love to send the bombshell’s way in the comment section.

“You are so gorgeous definitely should be a Victoria secret model,” gushed an admirer.

“Love harley-davidson,” expressed a follower.

Others had questions for the blond.

“What’s the tattoo in Arabic mean??” wondered a fan.

The question was likely sparked when the fan spotted the tattoo on Pauline’s right hand. She has Arabic lettering by her knuckles, along with a short English phrase and a crescent moon sign above her wrist.

“When are you posing the training video you promised,” asked a fourth Instagram user.

While the model previously did promise a workout for her fans, she hasn’t delivered. The Instagram post in which she talked about putting one together has since been deleted. The workouts were meant for her female fans, and it looks like people are still hopeful that it may happen.

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In a different update, the Instagram sensation gave fans an eyeful of booty with a string-bikini look. She was seen in the first photo, lounging on her stomach at the beach. Pauline propped herself up with her arms, while rocking the thong bikini. A video showed her zooming in on a bird behind her, but viewers were likely more distracted by her bare booty than by the seagull.