Aubrey O'Day Spreads Legs In Pink Lingerie & Floats Away With Butterflies

Aubrey O'Day shared a new surreal Instagram video where she was seen spreading her legs in pink lingerie. The stunner sat on a circular white chair. The lingerie featured floral accents on the chest. It also had thin straps that attached to the bottoms and the hem was frilly.

Aubrey looked straight at the camera while wearing her hair down in a middle part. Her hair was platinum blond, with some of her dark roots peeking through. She pursed her lips slightly, while she sported heavy makeup and eyeliner. This included very heavy liner on her lower lids. She appeared to wear a pop of shimmery makeup below her right eye.

Her hair had small waves and fell down the front of her shoulders. The lipstick also matched her outfit, as it was light pink.

The video was further edited to show her suspended in the air, with bright blue sky in the background. The chair was still positioned low in the frame, as if there were a floor. At the center top of the frame, a bright sun beamed light down toward the ground.

Aubrey's legs and arms were intertwined with dark sheer orange fabric. It curled around her upper thighs and calves, while a piece wound its way around her wrists. She posed with both of her hands in the air, and did do in such a way to create symmetry in the shot. The ends of the fabric were decorated with flapping animated butterflies, which were orange and yellow.

Another layered light effect made it appear as though tiny bits of light were floating around in the air. The photo was geotagged "Flying Butterfly."

It appears that the Danity Kane singer opted to limit the number of fan comments on the post. Even so, several fans were able to get their word in about the new social media update.

"The flutteration of the situation," said a follower, seemingly referring to the butterflies.

"The most beautiful one!" declared an admirer.

"Beautiful queen love you," wrote an admirer.

"Whoa," expressed a fourth Instagram user.

Two days ago, Aubrey shared another post that showed her spreading her legs. Except this time, the theme was space, as she appeared to be straddling the moon. The reality TV star wore a low-cut teddy, along with a silver jacket with extra-large shoulders. She opted to wear her hair down in a middle part, as she gave a coy look.

Her eyes popped thanks to her metallic silver eyeshadow. Lights flickered in the backdrop, which also featured golden stars.