November 6, 2019
Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Called Police Yesterday To Report Stolen Dog

Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, reportedly called police yesterday to report a stolen dog. This was apparently the same day that he called police to report that Jenelle and their daughter, Ensley, were missing, as previously noted by The Inquisitr. However, Radar Online alleged that the actual police call made was regarding the dog, rather than about Jenelle or his daughter. It's unclear if David called police twice: once to report Jenelle and Ensley missing, and another time to report the stolen dog.

The dog in question is one of their Anatolian Shepherds, with Radar Online supplying a recording of the police call. David described a series of events as he was apparently getting ready to take his daughter to school in his truck.

"Both the dogs were right in the front yard. I just had to hook my truck up to the trailer, do a few things before I could leave. I was going to feed the dogs. When I went to get the dog food, well after I got it, I started calling the dogs," he explained.

"They were down the driveway. Then I heard a car come down the road and stop. My driveway is really long so I couldn't really see but I heard a car stop and I heard the dogs bark a couple of times," said David, noting that after that, one of the dogs never came back and that he didn't see the car that he heard.

For many Teen Mom 2 fans, hearing about David and a family dog is going to bring up memories of Nugget. Last April, he admitted to killing the French Bulldog. This incident escalated to the point where the couple lost custody of the kids for a time. Plus, Jenelle lost her gig at Teen Mom 2.

Even though David eventually admitted to killing Nugget, the family got two new dogs. And these two dogs are Anatolian Shepherds.

As far as David's claim that Jenelle and Ensley are missing goes, it would seem that Jenelle's Instagram post from six days ago would prove otherwise. After all, she detailed why she was leaving her husband. While David is believed to have made the police call to report his wife and daughter missing, Pop Culture noted yesterday that he hadn't filed a report.

For now, fans will have to sit tight and wait to see if there are more developments to this story.