Laci Kay Somers Flaunts Underboob In Tiny Neon Bikini Top

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Laci Kay Somers shared a sizzling new Instagram post earlier today, and it showed her having a blast in South Beach, Miami. The bombshell rocked a neon orange bikini, as she posed with a turquoise blue bike. She was seen at the beach, with a lifeguard station and the ocean in the backdrop.

The ensemble itself was eye-catching, not just because of the bright color, but also for its tiny fit. In fact, Laci’s underboob was on full display, as the bikini was arguably too small for her chest.

In the first photo, the model was seen straddling the bike, as she flashed a peace sign with her left hand. She also stuck her tongue out playfully. She wore her hair in two fishtail braids, which she placed in front of her shoulders. The accessories she wore included dark aviator sunglasses, earrings, and a belly button ring.

A second photo showed Laci posing with her back angled toward the camera. This shot revealed that the bikini bottoms were a thong-cut, as she flaunted her bare derriere. She looked over her left shoulder at the camera, and gave a sultry smile as she touched her sunglasses with her right hand.

This update has received over 221,000 likes so far, with fans leaving their compliments in the comments section.

“Wow! You look amazing as always, Laci. Hope all is well and stay awesome stay classy @lacikaysomers,” gushed a fan.

“Did you have a good time in miami,” asked a curious follower.

“Yes totally,” Laci responded.

Others focused on her captions.

“Could be constructive criticism from someone doing more than you?” asked an Instagram user.

“Lol Well I’m not asking for any and also that’s opinion based so that’s not relevant,” responded Laci.

In addition, the model posted a short video to promote the new photos on her Instagram stories. The clip was seemingly taken around the same time that the photos were taken, because the lighting was the exact same. The sun appeared to be rising or sinking into the horizon, with yellow-tinged clouds in the backdrop.

Prior to this, Laci also shared another update where she showed off her black lingerie. But instead of sharing the typical lingerie snap, she chose to share photos of herself eating pizza. She and a fellow friend sat on the edge of a white kitchen counter in the lingerie. Laci’s ensemble included a low-cut bra and matching bottoms, along with a pair of colorful slippers. She winked flirtatiously for the shot.