Brazilian Model Erika Gray's Lingerie Halloween Costume Steals The Show At Star-Studded Party

Erika Gray stole the show at one of the biggest star-studded Halloween parties this year.

The Brazilian beauty shared a series of pictures and videos from the Ignite International Halloween Party, thrown by Instagram maven Dan Bilzerian. Erika's Instagram stories showed her dancing and posing in a leather and lingerie get-up, a Halloween costume that just barely kept her covered up.

The party itself gained some viral attention, with The Blast noting that lingerie seemed to be the most popular costume for the many well-proportioned models who hit up the party.

"It's Halloween time in Los Angeles and that means two things: many women are all stripping down for their costumes and they are probably going to Dan Bilzerian's annual Halloween Party," the report stated.

"The Instagram playboy hosted the giant party at his mansion in Bel Air Thursday night and the costume theme seemed to be tiny lingerie with one or two accessories. Pretty sure that was the same theme from last year and it's still awesome."
But the Brazilian Instagram model seemed to stand out, and her 2.3 million followers got treated to the revealing images.

Those following the rising model are quite used to seeing her show off some skin. Erika's feed is filled with similarly racy pictures, as she uses her curves to model swimwear and very form-fitting dresses. She seems to have a penchant for pushing the limits, often staying just barely within the lines of Instagram's strict rules against nudity.

Her limit-pushing seems to go over very well with the many companies that call on Erika to help sell their products. Aside from the fashion and swimwear modeling she does, Erika also gets plenty of work from other companies like fitness drink maker Bang Energy. Erika even spent a few days at an adults-only boutique in Mexico this summer, sharing some beachside pictures of herself to help promote the resort.

Erika also gave her fans a hint of another Halloween costume earlier this month, donning some white lingerie, knee-high leather boots, and bunny ears as she struck a sultry pose. That picture was a huge hit as well, garnering more than 27,000 likes and scores of compliments for the racy look.

Those who want to see more of the scantily-clad guests for the Ignite International Halloween Party can check out the gallery from The Blast. Though Erika Gray didn't make an appearance in the pictures, there were plenty of others following her lingerie-as-a-costume idea.