October 13, 2019
Teens Arrested For Reckless Homicide After Dropping Log Off A Cliff, Killing Mother Of Four

This past Labor Day weekend, Victoria Schafer was in an Ohio park photographing high school seniors. The 44-year-old mother of four was tragically killed when a large log fell off a cliff above her and landed on her. Investigators believe the 74 pound log that fell 75 feet off that cliff did not fall just by chance, but was rather dropped by two teenagers. Now, two 16-year-old boys are in custody in connection with the Schafer's death, according to Today.

Because the boys are minors, police have not released their names. However, investigators did reveal that both teens have been charged with reckless homicide after police determined through interviewing them separately that they did drop the log that led to Schafer's death on September 2nd.

Schafer leaves behind her husband Fritz and her children, 19-year-old John, 17-year-old Emily, 16-year-old Maddie, and 13-year-old Grace. Her family and friends recall her loving heart and deep care for others.

Schafer's sister, Cathy Muth, recalled her genuine passion for helping bring out the best in others.

"Victoria always had a heart for others. Whether it was her work in human resources or her photography, her talent lied in seeing the best in others and helping to bring it out in them."
Muth went on to discuss how it wasn't just the lives of Schafer's family and friends that she touched, but nearly everyone she came in contact with was benefited by her care in some way.

"It is impossible to walk through Chillicothe, Ohio without running into someone who has a story to tell about something Victoria did for them," she said.

Investigators were led to the two teen boys that allegedly dropped the log by an eyewitness who was also at the park that day. The boys were taken in for interviews and eventually confessed that they did indeed drop the log. The boys are now at the Multi County Juvenile Detention Center where they most likely will stay until they go to trial. Police released a statement regarding the incident.

"Investigators were able to determine that the falling log was not a natural occurrence and continued their investigation into the incident. Detectives received information about two teenage boys who might have involvement in Schafer's death."
While the boys are minors, there is a chance that they will still be tried as adults if the judge sees fit, as has happened in other cases, for example in the case of the death of Javier Bueno-Sanchez in 2017, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The father of six was killed by a group of teenage girls when he met up with them to sell his old iPhone. The teenagers involved were tried as adults.