Watch Aubrey O'Day In Steamy Three-Way Kiss With Ex-Girlfriend On 'Ex On The Beach'

Aubrey O'Day was the center of attention during a heated makeout session involving her ex-girlfriend, Lisa "Thai" Coffey, and her new crush, Big Brother alum Mark Jansen, while appearing on MTV's Ex on the Beach, according to a report from Hollywood Life.

The reality dating series brings together single social media influencers and reality TV stars looking to find love while living in a beach house in Malibu. As the singles start getting to know each other and exploring new connections, they'll be forced to confront their past when their exes start showing up. The singles are then left with the option of rekindling the relationship with their exes or embarking on new journeys with one of the other roommates.

This season introduced viewers to a new batch of singles, including O'Day and Jansen, who immediately sparked a connection with each other. During a romantic dinner date with Jansen, the Danity Kane singer opened up about her past relationships, including an alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr., as well as her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

O'Day also revealed that she is open to dating both men and women, and has had a serious relationship with a woman by the name of Coffey. This revelation did little to deter Jansen, who later said he wasn't threatened by O'Day's preferences. However, while Jansen seemed to be totally comfortable sharing his new crush, Coffey had other ideas.

After making her way to the house, Coffey confessed her plan to rekindle an exclusive relationship with O'Day.

Coffey hopes O'Day will choose her, but the singer revealed that she wants to date both her ex and her next. During this week's episode, O'Day is seen taking both Coffey and Jansen out on an intimate date. The trio shared sweet treats and small talk until things took a sexual turn after O'Day asked Coffey to give Jansen a kissing lesson.

Jansen was a little taken aback by the suggestion but decided to play along because he wanted to kiss Coffey. The woman from O'Day's past is also up for the challenge, and admits she's comforted by the fact that Jansen may not know how to please the singer in the bedroom.

"I'm going to show him what I'm about. I'm not going to pass up the opportunity," she said. "I feel like Mark isn't a competition to me anymore after I kissed him and realized he couldn't kiss. If he can't kiss, imagine what he can't do in the bedroom."

After offering tips to Jansen, Coffey decides to leave the date to give the duo some privacy. Later, she explained to the show's producers her reason for leaving the date.

"I'm leaving this date right now because Mark is going to fail. He can't kiss, so I can't even imagine if he can f*ck. Let me just keep it real."
This season of Ex on the Beach also features a few familiar MTV faces, including Marie Roda from The Challenge series, who will enter the house as an ex, and Kenya Scott from Are You the One?, who will be confronted by her ex-boyfriend and perfect match from the show, Tevin Grant, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Ex on the Beach airs on MTV on Thursdays.