Miley Cyrus’ 19-Year-Old Sister Noah Shakes Up Instagram In Fluffy Pink Bra & Glitter Bikini Bottoms

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Noah Cyrus is definitely getting noticed: the 19-year-old sister of Miley Cyrus might not come with the fame boasted by the SHE IS COMING singer, but this teenager is making her mark in the industry. Although the singer has recently released her “July” track, today she seems to be making headlines based more on her outfits than on her music.

Earlier today, Noah took to her Instagram stories with a photo that was definitely shaking up the platform. The snap showed Noah posing on a semi-outdoor terrace amid billowing red drapes. The teen was taking up the majority of the image’s foreground in a bright, funky, and sparkly ensemble that was definitely erring towards the unusual. But of course, the singer pulled it off.

Noah appeared in a pink and likely faux-fur bra with cute animal eyes adorning it. The strappy top was a fun one, although with the lingerie-like finish, the look was somewhat sexy. Noah matched her bra with a pair of glitter bikini bottoms and a sarong-like skirt that coordinated with the briefs. The ensemble was accessorized by a hot pink belt with a metal clasp and a pair of pink shades. The shades didn’t actually hide the star’s eyes, however. She posed with her head tilted down, which allowed her to still make eye contact with the camera. Finally, a fun purple headscarf added even more color and completed the look. Fans may have found their eyes popping at the mix of fabrics and hues.

Noah accompanied her story image with some text.

“Hey queen” appeared in white in the story.

Noah’s social media definitely has a slight provocative edge. Despite her 19 years, Noah will take to the platform with some pretty adult content, proving this teenager isn’t a child anymore.

A quick look at the images on Noah’s account might suggest that it’s all fun and goofing around, but she has other sides to her as well. The star has been working hard to promote her new music, but she also takes the time to upload images of a serious nature. Noah has openly spoken of her inner demons with an honesty and rawness that many fans find refreshing.

An Instagram post made towards the end of August came captioned with just what Noah was going through.

“Lately my minds [sic] been my enemy. i’ve been in a mental hell. my self-confidence is destroyed. my anxiety and depression feel like they’re crushing me from the inside out. the mornings are the worst.. sometimes it feels almost impossible to get out of my bed… but i’m trying my best to get through this. i’m going through therapy and working hard to make myself happy again….my next single ‘Lonely’ coming in September is so so special.”

Fans wishing to see more of Noah should follow her Instagram.