August 16, 2019
Bella Thorne Shares Topless Selfies On Instagram & Fans Are Going Wild

Bella Thorne is known to show off her natural beauty on social media, which fans seem to love. On Friday, the former Disney star took to the social media site to bless fans with a few raw and real selfies. Keeping up with another theme on her Instagram account, Thorne opted to go topless for the shots.

The post on Thorne's Instagram included three photos, all of which she took with her arms raised while laying in bed. The beautiful young actress flashed her signature smile at the camera in the first image, while in the other two, she playfully bit her lip.

For the most part, Thorne kept in line with Instagram's nudity guidelines by covering her chest with her arm or cropping it out of the photos. However, each image was taken from farther away, allowing her bare chest to creep in. In the third photo, Thorne kept both hands on the camera, forcing her to scribble out a bit of her breast to avoid showing too much.

Thorne accessorized the nude look with several chains around her neck. As is typical, she remained makeup-free for the selfie session and her dark hair fell in natural waves behind her head.

In the caption of the photo, Thorne added her poem called "Pride," which talks about the feeling of being trapped in a box. The poem can likely be found in her new poetry book, The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.

The post garnered over 570,000 likes in three hours. In the comments, fans praised both the actress and her work.

"Cutest and sweetest smile on earth," wrote Thorne's boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, before adding in another comment, "Beautiful poem."

"I love you! Makes me cry hearing you read this," said her stylist, Mikel Benyamin.

"You're a work of Art [floating hearts emoji] creating works of art," a fan added.

It's clear that Thorne and her work have affected fans everywhere, which they made clear in their comments. One super fan left an incredibly sweet message for the young artist.

"I love you so much. I look at your page and imagine if I could be as confident as you. Although I try my hardest. Thank you for allowing me to look up to you, from shake it up, to your years now, getting through our s***ty life being able to say 'f*** you' to wte [sic] life throws at you. It's honestly amazing. I love you."