August 15, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein's Body Claimed By Unknown 'Associate' Days After His Apparent Suicide

The body of Jeffrey Epstein has been claimed by an unknown and unnamed "associate" and taken from the New York City medical examiner's office, a new report claims.

Just days after the apparent suicide of the billionaire sex trafficker in a Manhattan jail cell, the mystery around his passing has continued to grow. Both federal and local officials have launched investigations into his death, which reportedly came after he had been taken off suicide watch. Epstein was being held in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan on charges of underage sex trafficking at the time of his death.

As NBC News reported, Epstein's body was claimed by someone described as an "Epstein associate," though the person's name was not revealed. As the report noted, some close family and friends had vouched for Jeffrey Epstein when his lawyers were fighting to have him released on bond.

"According to court documents, [Epstein's lawyers] said the bond would have been co-secured by his brother, Mark Epstein, and a friend identified as David Mitchell," the report noted.

Epstein's death came close to two weeks after he had been found injured in his jail cell with injuries to his neck, which was described by some reports as an attempted suicide.

There are some potential clues about Epstein's passing. Writings described as a potential suicide note were reportedly found in Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell after his death, which investigators are now searching for clues about his death.

As Radar Online reported, the writings appear to give some insight into what Epstein was thinking in his final days before he reportedly hanged himself in his cell.

"It appears at first look that it's just Jeffrey's thoughts about what he was going through, his emotional state," a source told the outlet.

There are also questions about why Epstein was left alone for such a long period of time on the morning of his death. Reports indicated that guards left Epstein alone for close to two hours before his death, despite what had been described as a suicide attempt just days before. As CBS News reported, there was shouting and shrieking heard from Epstein's cell on the morning of his death.

Attorney General William Barr has expressed outrage at the death of Jeffrey Epstein and demanded a federal investigation. As head of the Department of Justice, Barr oversees the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which runs the facility where Epstein was being held on sex trafficking charges.