Halle Berry Shares Sultry Pic With Her Personal Trainer, Instagram Wants To Know If They're Dating

Halle Berry's latest photo share has left Instagram abuzz with speculation about the nature of her relationship with her personal trainer of three years, 35-year-old Peter Lee Thomas.

On Friday, the gorgeous 52-year-old actress treated fans to an artistic and very suggestive photo that stirred a lot of reaction on the popular social media platform. Shared under the "Fitness Friday" hashtag – as is most of the workout content featured on Halle's Instagram feed, where her personal trainer is a recurrent presence – the new snap showed the Catwoman star snuggling up to Peter in what was arguably a very sultry pose.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Halle put on a tantalizing display in the new snap, flaunting her perky backside as she leaned against the half-naked body of her personal trainer. A lot of skin was amply showcased between the two.

Clad in skintight black workout apparel, comprised of a pair of leggings and a tiny sports bra, Halle bared her midriff as she bent over Peter from a standing position, her taut waistline and shapely chest pressed against his naked back. The skin-on-skin contact didn't end there, as the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum actress also rested the palm of her hand on her trainer's brawny arm.

Meanwhile, Peter sat down next to her, wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting biker shorts. Posing with one arm on his knee, he flexed his biceps and flashed his ripped six-pack, all while Halle was nearly sprawled on his shirtless back.

As it turned out, the photo proved to be a lot more controversial than originally intended. Shared as a sweet tribute to the importance of a good workout partner in keeping with any long-term fitness regimen, the snapshot ended up sparking dating rumors instead.

As soon as the post went live, people flocked to the comments section to voice their opinion about the shot, one that was largely perceived as being provocative and hiding a deeper meaning. Judging by the steamy pose, fans seemed to be under the impression that the two may be secretly involved, and even went as far as to label Peter as Halle's "boo."

"I see a couple! Love is in the air," wrote one person.

"Hmmmm..new boyfriend it looks like," penned another, adding a heart emoji for emphasis.

"The chemistry between you two," read a third message, trailed by a string of flattering emoji.

While some people became convinced that Halle and Peter formed a couple, others took the safer route and proceeded to ask the X-Men alum if she was dating her personal trainer.

"Are you guys an item?" commented one Instagram user.

"Are you in love with peter [sic]?" asked another.

"Y'all dating, right?" was another reply, followed by a pair of eyes emoji and a heart emoji.

The discussion took a completely different turn after a few people chimed in to let everyone know that Peter is actually married and has a baby on the way. Upon learning this information, some fans were quick to qualify the photo as inappropriate and even expressed outrage at what they interpreted as a blatant gesture of disrespect on Halle's part.

People didn't hesitate to rebuke the Cloud Altas actress for being excessively chummy with a married man.

"this is completely inappropriate Halle literally throws herself at this married man I couldn't believe my eyes. It's open for the public to see, his poor wife man," wrote one of Halle's Instagram followers.

"she needs to stop pushing herself on this married man," agreed another.

A couple of Instagram users took things up a notch and proceeded to tag Peter's wife, hairstylist and makeup artist Melissa Vega, in the post.

"I guess his wife is okay with this," remarked one person.

The entire exchange had people checking out Peter's Instagram profile on the hunt for possible clues as to what was going on. After scanning his Instagram feed, one person was quick to point out that Peter didn't seem to have any photos of his wife on his page.

"omg and he doesn't even post her!! Halle should know a little more about decorum. Older woman that should know better. That's low thotty like behavior - thought she was better than that," read the message.

Meanwhile, one of Halle's fans noticed that the stunning actress was copiously featured on her personal trainer's social media profile.

"Wow his whole page is pretty much dedicated to her, he literally has one client."
Naturally, not everyone agreed with the speculations. One person interpreted the whole thing as a joke and took to the comments section to address a message to Peter's wife.

"@stylebyvega your man is getting famous. Congratulations doll," they wrote.

While Halle hasn't responded to any of the comments left under the photo, the Kingsman: The Golden Circle is reportedly in a relationship of her own. According to Ranker, the mother-of-two is romantically linked to 36-year-old British music producer Alexander Grant, professionally known as Alex da Kid. The two started dating back in 2017, when they made their relationship public with an Instagram post.