German Bombshell Maya Stepper Sizzles In White Lingerie, Discusses Body-Shaming On Instagram

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images for The Lions NY

Maya Stepper recently tackled an important discussion about body-shaming during an interview with CUUP, and she wants to strike up the conversation with her Instagram fans as well. On Wednesday, the German model took to the popular social media platform to share a series of photos of herself in white lingerie, which she paired with snippets of her interview.

The post begins with a photo of Stepper — who is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret — standing behind a semi-closed door as she wears a simple underwire bra with matching briefs. The 27-year-old model is partially hidden behind the door with her blonde hair in a middle part and down, seemingly not styled, and wearing no makeup, giving the photo and post a natural, almost vulnerable quality.

She teamed the shot with a block of text she superimposed on the photo in which she describes the reality of the modeling industry, stating that whether models are size 0 or plus-size, they are never “right” when compared to those in “real life.”

The post contains different photos with different blocks of text from her interview with CUUP. In all of the snapshots, Stepper is rocking her natural, barely-styled beauty while wearing different pieces of underwear by the brand.

Stepper’s interview is part of a campaign series by the brand, titled Body Talk By Cuup, that tackles issues of how people — particularly young women — relate to their physical bodies.

“As a model there’s a certain shape that is expected — silently expected. No one talks about it, but I notice I work much more when I’m skinny, clients look at me differently when I’m very skinny. But then in real life, I feel like I often get negative backlash about being skinny. Everyone has an opinion,” she says in the interview.

The post, which Stepper shared with her 648,000 Instagram followers, garnered more than 12,300 likes and over 365 comments in under a day of having been posted — at the time of this writing. Users of the social media platform who are fans of the model took to the comments section to thank her for striking up this important conversation while sharing their own thoughts on the issue.

“I love everything about this and you!! Thank you for sharing,” one user raved.

“Amazing article!!! Well said,” another one chimed in.

“This speak [sic] to me. Being skinny was the thing I hated the most about my body (and no having boobs!). I grew up and I learnt that we are all beautiful in our own way…” a third fan added.