Nicole Scherzinger Saves The Planet In Yellow Thong Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger is proving that a few bikini snaps can do a lot of good. The Pussycat Dolls singer and reality TV judge has taken to Instagram for a swimwear update but Nicole's June 25 pictures came with an agenda, though.

Two photos showed the 36-year-old shot on a boat. The clear, blue ocean and natural rocks around her were a reminder of how beautiful nature can be. Nicole had taken to her caption to keep it that way. The star's heartfelt words pointed out the destructive nature of trash, likewise, the sealife placed at risk as a direct consequence of littering.

Nicole didn't hold back on her swimwear, though. The singer looked sensational in her yellow two-piece. The first photo showed Nicole kneeling on the boat as she fished out plastic from the water. The camera had taken in the star's sensational curves. Similarly curve-flaunting was the second photo. Here, Nicole looked caught-off-guard as she retrieved the litter. With her concerned facial expression and pleading caption though, today's update didn't come as a body display. This activist was out to raise awareness and ask her followers to preserve the world's oceans.

It would, however, seem that Nicole's thong bikini display has been taking center stage.

"Sorry but that bod is distracting from the importance of this post," one fan wrote.

"Ye do know nobody is interested in the bag only the yellow thong" came from another individual.

Fortunately for Nicole and her worthy cause, some fans seemed interested in her planet-saving agenda. One fan responded with their thoughts on how humanity can find a solution to its destructive ways.

"I agree with Recycling and wish we would stop using plastic bags and go back to paper like it used to be, but then people were complaining about the cutting down of trees. No matter what we use there always be issues or something wrong with it. The only way I see that will be good for the environment is somehow come up with biodegradable bags that can be used in big retail stores"
Nicole seemed to have worked hard to make her post touch hearts. While the first two snaps showed the singer forking out a bag from the water, the third showed a beautiful sea turtle which was mentioned in Nicole's caption.

Nicole's update has been noticed. It received over 80,000 likes in the space of four hours. Over 700 comments were left in the same time frame. Nicole has 3.8 million Instagram followers.