R. Kelly Could Be Indicted For Sex Trafficking As Investigation Wraps Up

Nuccio DiNuzzoGetty Images

The R. Kelly investigation has been going on for months, but it sounds as though things are getting close to wrapping up. Federal investigators are likely poised to file indictments in New York and Illinois on multiple counts of tax evasion and sex trafficking, according to The Blast.

Investigators in the two states have been looking into allegations involving incidences where Kelly and his team bought plane tickets for underage girls so that they could travel with him as he performed across the country. Officials with ICE Homeland Security Investigations have been speaking with witnesses in the case and compiling evidence that will be presented to grand juries in both the Southern District of New York and the Northern District of Illinois.

Some of the witnesses include Kelly’s ex-stylist Joycelyn Savage’s family, and an accuser who claims that she was abused by Kelly and who says she witnessed other women being abused. The evidence from Savage’s family, which includes plane tickets, photos, and text messages has apparently weighed heavily in the case.

Once things are completed, which could happen within a few weeks, one source said Kelly could be facing multiple federal charges related to tax evasion and sex trafficking.

The singer also got bad news last week after a judge ordered that a case filed by a woman claiming to have been abused by Kelly when she was 16 could proceed. Kelly’s lawyers had argued that the case shouldn’t proceed because the singer is illiterate and couldn’t read the documents served to him.

All this comes days after one of the singers’ alleged victims testified in front of a grand jury in secret in the Southern District of New York. Faith Rodgers, who appeared in the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, spoke to a federal panel about her experiences with Kelly. Grand jury testimonies are kept private, but Rodgers has claimed that Kelly gave her an STD and she sued the singer for false imprisonment and sexual battery.

According to TMZ, Kelly’s crisis manager Darrell Johnson spoke on behalf of the singer about the recent allegations, claiming that the devil was working to bring Kelly down, but they were confident he would be found innocent in the end.

“Mr. Kelly feels like the devil is working overtime in effort to try to destroy his musical legacy for selfish, personal enrichment. We feel everything will line up right on track when it is all said and done,” Johnson said. “Mr. Kelly is not where he wants to be in life at this present moment. However, every indication shows that he is headed in the direction of a positive outcome. He feels that when you are very focused people try to take you down. He’s very confident that in the end he will be proven innocent.”