Instagram Mesmerized By Gigi Hadid’s Tiny, Skintight Dress

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Supermodels have a knack for bringing Instagram to its knees. Gigi Hadid appears to be doing just that.

On April 29, the 23-year-old sent out a triple update. The first snap shows Gigi shot in black and white. She is clad in a skintight dress. Paneled blacks here aren’t flaunting any cleavage, but the strapless design is putting this model’s upper chest and arms on show. A trendy black trilby hat accessorizes the look. Gigi’s right hand appears to be toying with her hair – other decorative finishes include inlaid door mirrors, patterned walls, and what appear to be fellow models in the background. While the picture is monochrome, a red-clad female appearing via a mirror adds a splash of color. An “empty house” mentioned in the caption explains the somewhat-offbeat setting.

Gigi thanks Vogue Italia for the shoot, but fans appear to be thanking Gigi for existing alone. One fan left overwhelming praise.

“Mesmerised by your grace.”

Another appeared to have an agenda for themselves and the Victoria’s Secret model (with or without the hat).

“Imma marry you no cap.”

Gigi has 47.4 million Instagram followers. Alongside her sister, Bella, Gigi is best known for being one of 2019’s biggest “it” girls.

A quick swipe to the right shows the update’s second photo. Incorporating more color from green-stemmed tulips, woods, and floral-print outfits, this shot nonetheless continues the black-and-white theme for its setting. While Gigi doesn’t show her face here, waist-length hair and the trilby from the first snap suggest that the centerpiece individual is Gigi herself.

The third picture requires cocking one’s head to the side. This one sees Gigi in an outdoor setting of curved tree trunks, rock or grass, and a background showing a white-fronted building. Once again, Hadid is with fellow models, although their identities do not appear revealed. However, the shoot’s stylist, Olivier Rizzo, is given a nod via a hashtag. Likewise, photographer Willy Vanderperre is also credited. Between them, the two appear to have gone to town on the edgy look. The third picture’s casually-strewn sports helmet and red tree-wrapping afford the flourishes one would expect from a high-end magazine feature.

Gigi recently made headlines for her high-profile Coachella appearance. The above picture received 2.3 million likes. Clearly, a leggy model with angelic features turns more popular when she’s digging into McDonald’s fries. Coachella also marked some much-earned time off for this celebrity. Gigi’s life already comes plagued with health troubles. As per her 2019 Elle interview, Hadid has Hashimoto’s disease – an underactive thyroid has left Gigi “always tired.”

Gigi appears in top form today. Her update had racked up over 250,000 likes within an hour of being posted.