Instagram Model Karin Irby Flaunts Her Famously Curvy Backside In Thong Bikini

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Karin Irby has one of the most famous figures on Instagram, and the Australian model is using her latest viral snap to help other women achieve the same curvy look.

The model took to Instagram on Friday to show off her curvy backside in a revealing thong bikini, while also posting an inspiring message to followers promoting body positivity. Irby wrote a message promoting the Moana bikini line, an Australian lifestyle brand that aims to be inclusive in its products.

“Representing far more than any single product category, standing for a carefree, fun and active lifestyle, Moana Bikini allows girls to feel comfortable, confident and carefree in their own skin,” the site noted.

Irby’s post promoted the Moana Army campaign, and her picture featured women of all sizes showing off their swimwear.

“It’s amazing to be able to make connections with other like minded, positive girls in #real life as well as online!” Irby wrote.

Karin Irby has attracted more than 1 million followers thanks in large part to her curvier physique and her message of acceptance for women of all sizes. The Australian beauty is also co-founder of Beach Body Burn, a program that helps women find the right fitness for them.

For Irby, that meant doing away with a diet focused on limiting calories and taking an approach that was healthier for her body.

“At her trainer (Simon’s) recommendation, Karina more than doubled what she would usually eat and started resistance training. Her energy went through the roof! And her physical transformation followed. Karina is proof that you can change your entire shape with dedication and the right assistance!,” the company’s website noted.

The approach made a huge difference for Karin Irby and helped her gain the famous physique she has today. The site noted that by using the diet and fitness program, she added a full 7.5 centimeters to her hips (or her booty, as the website notes) and 4.1 centimeters to her chest.

The changes have helped Irby stand out in a crowded landscape of Instagram models and earned her a very dedicated following. Her pictures tend to attract thousands of likes and many compliments from fans who are happy to see a model who might look more like them. Irby also interacts with her followers often, leaving her own supportive comments.

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