Gisele Bundchen Posts Heartwarming Photo Of Mom & Five Sisters For International Women’s Day

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen paid tribute to her mom and five sisters with a heartwarming Instagram post, one made to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. In the photo, all of the Bundchen sisters have their arms wrapped around each other as they surround their mother, Vania.

“Happy women’s day! I feel so blessed that I got to grow up surrounded by six incredible women: my mom, and my five sisters,” Gisele wrote in the caption. “We are all so different, but we complement one another, and we help each other grow!”

One of the sisters in the photo is Gisele’s fraternal twin, Patricia. According to The Heavy, they were born minutes apart, with Giselle being the older of the two. Her other sister’s names are Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, and Rafaela. Both Patricia and Gisele were students in a modeling class in their early teens, but the younger twin went on to become her sister’s spokesperson. She wrote the model’s statement on retiring from the runway in 2014, The Heavy notes. Their other sister, Gabriela, also attended the modeling class.

In an interview for Vanity Fair, Gisele revealed that the modeling class wasn’t the only activity that the twins did as a team.

‘We did ballet, gymnastics — I think my mom was trying to keep us busy… She had to work, so we went to a modeling course — me and my twin and one of our sisters, Gabby, who’s like the second twin because we’re one year apart,” she said. “We were the Three Musketeers, and we did everything together.”

According to The Heavy, Gisele joined the class at age 13. She was discovered by a modeling agent at 14, and was modeling at New York Fashion Week by age 16.

This isn’t the first time that the former Victoria’s Secret Angel has paid tribute to the women in her family. In an Instagram post from 2017, one made to celebrate her twin’s birthday, Gisele called Patricia her best friend.

She and her mom appeared on the cover of Vogue Brazil last year, in an issue that celebrated family heritage. In an Instagram post about the cover, Gisele expressed how good it felt to connect with her “essence” and “origins.”

Gisele’s famous husband, superstar quarterback Tom Brady, also wrote a touching tribute to her and the other women in his life on Instagram for International Women’s Day. In the post, which currently has over 100,000 likes on Instagram, Brady says that he’s “lucky” to be surrounded by their love and support.