Is Cersei Lannister Pregnant? ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Spot Possible Baby Bump In Season 8 Photo

Helen Sloan HBO

As soon as the newly released Season 8 photos hit the internet, Game of Thrones fans started speculating about the fate that would befall their beloved characters in the upcoming — and final — season of the hit HBO series.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the new photos were released by HBO on Wednesday. The snapshots showcased 12 of the series’ most popular characters, depicted in 14 epic portraits filled with tantalizing clues about the action-packed season that no one wants to miss.

Three of these main characters were allotted two photos each. Among these was Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), the series’ villain who everyone loves to hate. Of the two photos, one in particular sparked a lot of debate among GoT fans, dividing the fandom into two factions, the Daily Mail is reporting.

According to the media outlet, one side claims that Cersei Lannister is pregnant, after astute GoT fans spotted what looks like a baby bump protruding from the lavish robes of the current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Given that — at the end of Season 7 — the queen of Westeros revealed to her twin brother Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) that she was pregnant with his child, the supposition that Cersei is pregnant in the new photo is completely in tune with the events as we know them.

New photo of Cersei Lannister released by HBO.
Featured image credit: Helen Sloan HBO

As a result, a large portion of the fandom is now convinced that the newly released photo conceals a hint about Cersei’s pregnancy, and that the monarch – who is the current occupant of the Iron Throne – is indeed carrying a child. This would be the fourth child to be conceived from her incestuous relationship with Jamie.

With two more months until Season 8 of GoT premieres in April – and, therefore, plenty of time to spin theories and to discuss speculations – fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

“Is it me or does Cersei look pregnant? Hmmmmm,” tweeted one person.

“Cersei is still pregnant your argument is invalid, fighte me [sic],” posted another.

One fan even shared a very emotional reaction to the news that Cersei may be with child.

“I am literally crying for real because Cersei is pregnant and alone and she’s gonna die soon and I wasn’t supposed to think about it until the season premiere f*** this.”

The fans’ observations were shared by CNET. In an article covering the recent photo release, the media outlet remarked, “Also, does she look pregnant to you? Is that claim of a baby legit?”

Featured image credit: Helen SloanHBO

However, not everyone is convinced that the new photo of Cersei really shows a baby bump. As many fans were quick to point out, in the snapshot in question, the queen of Westeros still sports a flat stomach. This, coupled with the fact that Cersei Lannister is a notorious manipulator, has led half of the fandom to speculate that she lied to Jamie about her pregnancy — and that everything was just a tactic to ensure his loyalty.

Since Jamie himself didn’t believe her — and actually left Cersei to join the fight against the White Walkers at the end of Season 7 — and since such a lie would be in keeping with the queen’s ruthless nature, a large number of GoT fans are arguing that the pregnancy claim is false.

“Let’s play a game of who looks less pregnant: Cersei or Dany,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

As with any dispute, some people found a middle ground. One Twitter user proposed the idea that Cersei could, in fact, be pregnant — but that her condition is not clearly visible in the photo.

“Though I’d still bet on Cersei being pregnant, I’m not getting it from this picture, unless she’s carrying the baby very low.”

Everyone will just have to wait and see whether Lannister house will welcome a new child into the world when the new season premieres on April 14.